Can’t TRUST This!

June 17, 2009

Trust is earned.  You can’t just go handing it out all willy nilly like a bowl of dinner mints.  Trust has to mean something.  It has to make sense.  Otherwise, it’s just comedy.

I don’t know where (or why) my mind started down this path…I was probably cracking a joke (#1) and came to the conclusion — nah can’t trust that lol.  And now I have this offbeat list…all for fun.  Feel free to add to it, question my motives, or second that emotion :).

CAN’T TRUST THIS (Da na na na)!

  1. A dentist with cavities
  2. A blind gynecologist
  3. Dick Chaney
  4. A bank president with a 520 personal credit score
  5. A pre-opened parachute
  6. Cheesecake with zero transfat
  7. Whoopings that hurt the parent more than the child (and I’m a parent)
  8. “You’re going to feel a tiny prick”…before blood work
  9. Pharmaceuticals that address 1 symptom, but “may cause heart attack, stroke, nausea, migraines, stomach ulcers, in-grown toenails, and death — only in rare cases.”
  10. Single friends who tell married friends, “I wouldn’t put up with that…you oughtta leave him/her.”
  11. Cops who pull over ambulances with patients
  12. Hotel wake-up calls before a big meeting
  13. A politician with a criminal record
  14. Drinking water recycled from waste water
  15. Management that passes my knowledge/work off as their own
  16. A sharp shooter with one glass eye
  17. A vet who’s allergic to dander
  18. Financial counselors facing foreclosure
  19. Mortgage loans with “no hidden fees”
  20. The scale in my bathroom lol
  21. A chef/cook with dirty fingernails
  22. Fast talking car salesmen with wet armpits
  23. E-purchasers from Nigeria using PayPal
  24. Buffet bars without adequate glass shields
  25. 1-ply tissue
  26. {your turn}