The Gift of No Repeats

December 29, 2008

lake-tranquilChristmas alone without your spouse and kids.  Miles away in another state, no less.  I didn’t even blog about it last year, too much….I checked.  Nope, that was no way to spend the holidays.  But there was no other choice.  Leading the care for Dad last year, and we were down to his final weeks.  So, sacrifices had to be made.  This year?…Feels like the holidays totally rewarded me.  God read my scribble-scrabble on the wall, and gave me a Christmas filled with love, joy, and fellowship with the ones who matter most…Hubby, Son, and Daughter.  A house filled with laughter and good times together…whew, yeah baby!

christmas-huntI had to make an event out of everything.  I was just so ecstatic to have them near, ya know. We didn’t do alot of gifts, just a couple biggies that the kids would feel.  No, simply unwrapping gifts wasn’t good enough for me.  “Let’s have a Christmas scavenger hunt!”  Hubby was tired, and only barely amused.  Me?  I was on 10,000!  Hahahahaha lol!!!!

We started in the dining room…that was base.  We strategically hid Son’s bike downstairs in the garage, and Daughter’s oh-so-purple (her fave color) Ipod Nano in the kitchen canisters (pic).  Set…Go!

flapjacksOMGosh…we laughed at those two…tearing up the house looking for the gifts we used for obedient leverage for months lol.  “You’re getting hotter!”  “No, you’re cold…freezing!”  Daughter hid her face and almost cried when she hit the right canister.  Son did a MJ jig when he finally found the bike downstairs (I need to Youtube that moment).  We had a blast!!  After all our energy was spent, we filled up on my world famous flapjacks with the crispy edges.  Delish!

lake-chapelFor the weekend, we got a chance to go down to FL and hang out with my hubby’s fam.  Mostly enjoyable togetherness (more later *wink*)….The kids hung out with their cousins, learned to skate at the rink, hubby and I caught up on some rest and us time…but best of all, we took in some fam time, just the four of us at the lake.  Beautiful views, the awesomeness of nature at our fingertips.  The Creator’s handiwork….Lovely!

Man, I am so grateful for no repeats…can you tell in this quickie post?!  This was soooo not my 2007 Christmas, and I couldn’t have asked for more…..or anything less for that matter :)!