1. My favorite color is black
  2. I eat my food one section at a time
  3. I love the Westin’s Heavenly Bed
  4. That’s not snoring, just deep breathing…LOL!
  5. My favorite U.S. cities are NY, San Fran, and ATL
  6. I’m moved to tears easily
  7. I gave up physical altercations in 1999….I think lol?

4 Responses to “SOM #5”

  1. […] Love is the peace and tranquility of the sofa, having endured enough of your spouse’s snoring….(or was it just heavy breathing) […]

  2. […] proud we were, I think that’s when hubby decided we’d better leave.  I guess he saw 1999 in my eyes.  I didn’t feel like I was going to do anything crazy, but he knows how […]

  3. […] This past weekend, I my spirit received the title song for the book.  Woo hoo!, and I like it alot.  I only have the chorus, but those lyrics were Love at first sight. Made me do a SOM #5. […]

  4. […] in the shower — then boom lol! Out of the blue, the words launched me into an unexpected #6. All I could do was thank Him…worship Him…the question shook my Spirit to the core. Not […]

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