i created and validated the signs
long before i crossed the bridge
that brought me to you.

for miles and miles,
our paths converged in time
before Truth could no longer control the urge
to pluck my head out of the clouds.

only then could i see clearly, without barely a doubt…
we were running out of road.

“seek and you shall find”
wasn’t exactly supposed to work like this
but now in hindsight
i see the signs created and validated by Another
that it worked just perfectly fine
helping me find the path
that leads away from the bridge
that dead ends to you
all over again.

Copyright © 2009. ashe.selah



before i knew i could fly
a small part of me was ready.
too small to be recognized
as what i’d ultimately be
i waited.

before I knew I could fly
i waited for my wind
exhaled from the unknown
i knew even then that
beneath the stillness of the atmosphere
i could hear the whisper that would free me
the whistle that would lift me
the sound of freedom
traveling a million miles
to tell me

that it’s finally time
to fly.

Copyright © 2009. ashe.selah

WIFIS: Remember Me?

December 17, 2008


does a chameleon remember
what life was like
in the beginning
before it knew
it could blend and adapt
on sight?

does it remember
its point of originality
the broken mold where
it was like none other
and none other was like it?

does it remember
being recognized
before the camouflage
because it just was
what it is
and that was ok?

does it ever miss those times?
i do.

(c) 2008. Ashe.Selah

WIFIS: The Other Side of In

September 10, 2008

looking outside in
i slither up
to the fragile glass of my past
without it even knowing
encroach upon its broken borders
in the still of the morning
scraping up the courage to strike
the last of the hairline
fractures of Freedom
leading to the other side
of In.

looking inside out
i know you can see me
hear my gut-wrenching cries
feel my desperation
urging you to realize
we’re much closer than you know
and when we deal fear its final blow
the other side of In
lies just beyond the window of opportunity
called Now.

copyright (c) 2008. Ashe.Selah

WIFIS: Point Two

August 15, 2008

the shortest distance
between two points
would be a straight line
if only i knew at some point
which point
makes two.

(c) 2008. Ashe.Selah

WIFIS: A Time to Live

July 6, 2008


this calls for a celebration!
even if I must celebrate alone
before the firmament of heaven
the occasion you ask?
well, what was purposed to die
the seed
and every regenerating cell contained therein
has birthed my beauty and strength
to stand tall
after pushing my way
through the dirt that covered me
head held high
to show forth
the artistry and majesty
of the loving Creator.

Copyright (c) 2008. Ashe.Selah. All rights reserved.

you see right through me
and i you
alot alike we are
pure intentions
clear resolve
the innermost exposed
revealing a burning passion to Love
with all that is within
but you’re in there
and i’m in here
yet and still
our steam rises high above.
we meet somewhere
in the air.

Copyright (c) 2008. Ashe.Selah. All rights reserved.