Heart thoughts creating…a new start.
Healing words strewn across my monitor,
threaded together to soothe mending wounds.
Hmm….that’s what I call Soul Writing.
This place is about —
Realization of God’s Divine purpose.
Beginning again, without rewind.
Positive energy.
Sometimes, negative energy I wanna get out of my space…
…that would be my vents :)!
Prayers and meditation.
Me, Myself listening to and chatting with….I.
Demons and dark secrets in bright light, cos frankly, I’m literally sick of hiding.
Battle scenes between my Spirit and my flesh…bet on neither.
The beauty of connecting with oneself,
while reflecting the life of others…
I am unique — but We are One.
Adventures in Motherhood…without a manual….for two gifted, but different kiddos.
A distant roar through the rubble of old me.
Personal growth.
A kaleidoscope
of endless possibilities.
A place where we respectfully agree to disagree….it’s ok.
My words creating the ultimate life experiences.
My choice for more Love, less fear.
The welcome mat and breeding ground
for a better me, and a better you.
The musings and evolution of a will-be author,
stretching and strengthening her writing muscles –ahhh!.
And so much more to be revealed in time…welcome.


See also: Why “Ashe.Selah”?

Note: The owner of AsheSelah.com (asheselah.wordpress.com) retains the trademark to “Ashe.Selah”, and the copyright of all posts contained herein.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. hannah Says:

    hi, just wanted to ask, are you human? your way with words is so strange(positive) as i read i can trully feel you write from the soul.i like what you do. any tips for me?

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Hi there Hannah…wow. That’s one of the nicest (and funniest…human?) comments I’ve ever received on Ashe.Selah lol. I thank you! Gotta admit it, though…I’ve had more alien moments over the past few years than feeling comfortable in my human-ness. Took a minute to realize these alien moments (my quirks…things that make me the real me) ARE my humanity. Funny.

    Let’s see…I wish I had this super cool tip or advice to give you, Hannah. But I only have my experience. Writing found me…I didn’t pursue it…was never really a big reader OR writer. But a common theme you’ll find here on my blog is this…”Life has a way of bringing things out of you you never knew were there.” And now that Writing is here, I want to love it back and do right by it so others can feel what I have to say.

    Tip? Keep your eyes and your heart open wide to the gifts that Life wants to show YOU. Develop a passion for the gifts revealed, spend time finding YOUR way…YOUR style in how you use them…then, boldly share them with the world! You may or may not touch millions, but someone will always be waiting for you. God bless :)!

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