Bittersweet.  That’s one word that comes to mind.  Another is metathesiophobia.  Though, that big, SAT word didn’t really come to mind, as much as to my fingertips as I googled “fear of change”.  But that’s what the time has come to do :).  It’s time for a change.

Isn’t that what I started this blog to do back in Dec 2006….rebirth=change?   And after a few years of some serious rollercoaster dips, i.e. ups and downs, sunshine and rain, health and illness, laughter and tears…in front of an audience of some very cool blog peeps, I am grateful to announce “Mission Accomplished!”

Growth, survival, healing, improvement…couldn’t have done it without my ashe.selah blog.  Sometimes, you need a platform to let it all hang out, stand right there butt-naked before the masses, who quite frankly, have looked, felt, experienced the same joys, pains, and challenges.  You all have made the difference, and helped me to know…I wasn’t butt-naked alone lol.

And now, the final piece comes off – my mask.  I’m moving on to the next stage of life’s journey…being cool with my new, true self.   How ’bout that one LOL!  It’s more than a notion, folks, but a journey’s that calling me away, calling me forward — to me.  There’s no telling where the manuscript/book will go now.  One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be an interesting new ride AND read!

Thank you…for every cheer, constructive criticism, laugh, and prayer!  I am so much the better for it.  With this door closed, I hope you’ll join me for ‘once upon a time’, and knock on my new door from time to time.  Looking forward to doing the same…Love be in and live through U…and so it is, Amen!