Good Job!

February 2, 2010

all it takes
is the freedom
to get some things
off your chest,
out of your head…right?
you’re able to breath freer
see clearer
unclogged and open
thoughts smoking
as your tongue cools
from the tasty sensation of words
floating on peppermint patties.
makes all the difference
in the world, huh?

i’m glad you found a way
to rip all those words
off your chest.
not only do you feel better,
you look better too.
good job!

now, i have to go.
return to my
regularly scheduled program
of carefully removing
the shards of your words
lodged deep in my heart.

if i don’t
there’ll be no more room
for next time,
good job!

© 2010. ashe.selah


One Response to “Good Job!”

  1. kafo Says:

    the sarcasm is dripping off of this one oooo

    loving it

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