The Contagiousness of Triumph

May 23, 2009

I dunno….  Is Triumph a spirit?  Alive?  An energy we can feel?  Does it exhale and the sweetness of its breath intoxicates the senses, soothes every angst we have, even the ones we pretend we don’t?  Gotta have it too, cos there’s enough Triumph to go around…available without respect of person?

Well, yes to all the above for me.  I feel  it…when I read and hear your stories.  Exuberant endings after extreme struggles — Triumph!  You know the ones…stories of overcoming despite the odds, your way out when you were outta options and time, episodes of defiant survival (sometimes against your own will), your still here-ness…

I believe in miracles.  Last second shots before the buzzer.  It’s all about the familiarity of experiences.  Nothing new under the sun, right?  If you can make it, I can make it too.  I love that….esp. the vice versa.

God whispers through the words of our stories…revealing the possibilities of Triumph through small pieces of Himself at work in others.  Funny how your piece/peace may fit my puzzled life..and vice versa.  It’s electric.  Contagious.  The only way Triumph becomes ineffective and stale is through silence.  So, don’t neglect to tell the story….



5 Responses to “The Contagiousness of Triumph”

  1. Kafo Says:

    are u back?
    i hope you are healing well

  2. disgodkidd Says:


  3. justdoyin Says:

    oh yes, I agree; triumph is contagious…even the Bible advices us to rejoice with those who rejoice…

    LOL @ “If you can make it, I can make it too. I love that….esp. the vice versa”…

    I love that statement too…especially the vice versa…

  4. Russell Says:

    i love this idea. i never thought about like this but you’re absolutely right. when we’re in the right frame of mind, the triumphs of others are very motivational. great insight.

  5. ashe.selah Says:

    Thanks and welcome to ya, Russell. That’s so key, isn’t it?…having the right frame of mind makes all the difference.

    There are some people who don’t even know how inspirational they are…no clue as to who’s ‘caught a case’ of their triumph. Still, triumph keeps on giving….:)

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