Back to Life

April 12, 2009

It’s been a beautiful resurrection day today.  Right now, I’m taking a break from a chapter that’s been flat for a minute…not flowing as smooth as I’d like.  But it’s coming to life slowly, but surely.

Speaking of life, and coming to it, I’m reminded of the thoughts from today’s message.  “I am the Resurrection”.  That was Jesus’ reply to Martha, as she displayed her theological prowess during the discussions to resurrect Lazarus.  Most of us, with our smart selves *smile*, allow our knowledge of God to box Him in to one (our) way of being, responding, doing, etc….esp. when it comes to the dead places in our lives.  Usually, this is not before we express disagreement with His timing, “If you would have been there….this or that would never have happened.”  Not that I’ve ever been in this place…HA!

But I’m encouraged, and a personal witness, that there may be places in life that have not only died, but have also been buried, forgotten, written off, cancelled out….BUT they are no match for “The Resurrection”.   The very essence of Jesus Christ, when applied to those places of death and decay,  embodies the miracle of life and newness…again.  It’s never too late to “Come forth!”, even if you’ve gotta stumble out.  Coming back to life is worth the journey…



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