My Last Hoorah

March 19, 2009

I did it!  Figured what the heck…the only thing they could say is “No”…again lol.  Maybe, just maybe, God wants to use my life to show His greatness, when every door should be shut in my face…I walk in effortlessly.  It’s happened before, you know.  Guess that’s the kinda woman I am when it comes to dreams and goals.  It’s hard to say “Uncle”…and I’ll gag the Fat Lady till I’m ready for a song…

The law school application was due 11:59pm last night.  I named that tune at 11:54:43pm LOL!  It was an extremely rigorous press…had clumps of writer’s block to pick through for my personal essay…straight drama at the job, nursing allergies/sinuses….but in the end, got it done.  Fin.  The End.

Where do I go from here?  I smile, and wait.  Knowing I gave the dream of law school my best shot…twice!  I can either walk away now, head held high, or prepare for the challenges ahead this Fall.  Either way, my heart smiles :).



9 Responses to “My Last Hoorah”

  1. Kafo Says:

    i’m smiling
    follow your dreams and enjoy the process because i really think at the end it’s the journey that counts

    but 11:54 that honestly for mii would have been too nerve racking i would have collapsed in a fit of stress

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Oh how the “J” word blinds me sweetly…

    It’s funny how my Journey (big J) began and ended with this law journey (lil j)…hope I can clearly explain how one day…

    It was totally bananas, Kafo!!…I would have collapsed, but I couldn’t find my credit card ’round 11:35p to complete the process LOL!

    Madness :)!

  3. congrats on sending it in. Best of luck to you, okay!

  4. ashe.selah Says:

    Thanks so much, solomonsydelle! My blog will be one of the first to know when I get the results…the waiting is brutal, we’ll see :)!

  5. Dori Says:

    Congratulations on getting it in. I wish you all the very best. I love that you are following your dreams 🙂

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve been away too long! Following your dreams: yes! And you can’t follow them without taking those steps … I’ll be thinking good thoughts.

  7. ashe.selah Says:

    Yep, Jennifer…I caught a glimpse of this dream again, and decided to follow as long as I could see it. We’ll see how long the vision lasts, one step at a time :).

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