WIFIS: Before I Knew I Could Fly

February 16, 2009


before i knew i could fly
a small part of me was ready.
too small to be recognized
as what i’d ultimately be
i waited.

before I knew I could fly
i waited for my wind
exhaled from the unknown
i knew even then that
beneath the stillness of the atmosphere
i could hear the whisper that would free me
the whistle that would lift me
the sound of freedom
traveling a million miles
to tell me

that it’s finally time
to fly.

Copyright © 2009. ashe.selah


One Response to “WIFIS: Before I Knew I Could Fly”

  1. Kafo Says:

    i almost see a bird

    i can almost see myself embracing the unknown before the known becomes a reality

    mii likey

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