Need Anything from the Store?

February 5, 2009

Driving home from work is when I decided.  “Today has to be the day.”  Not tomorrow, not next week, not cos I’ve been too busy…ain’t a lie, but no more excuses will do.  Today, Today!!

No matter how much he looks like him, acts like him, sounds like him…no matter how much he brings up that name (“No, I don’t know how they’re doing…I don’t keep up with them much.”)…It was time to see him.  Today, today, today!!!

So, I called him.  Voicemail.  Every inflection in his voice screamed Daddy.  Funny.  The sound was unusually pleasant to my ears…no urge to hang-up and run lol.  It’s getting better, it’s healing.  “Hey Unc, how are ya…listen, I wanted to come by and see you tonight…call me back and let me know if it’s a good time…Love you!”

Not five minutes later, he calls back, “Ayye, couldn’t get to the phone in time…what time you comin’ by…that’ll be great!”  You know, one of the most beautiful, inaudible sounds in the world, is that of someone smiling through the phone :).  He couldn’t wait.  Neither could I.

If there’s one thing my Mama taught me growing up, it’s manners and respect for the elderly.  So, there was no way I was gonna show up to Unc’s house empty-handed.  Call back.  “Hey Unc, you need anything from the store?”  “Ah, yeah baby, I’ll give ya the money for it…a dozen eggs, a bag of potatoes, and some Cola.”  I thought I’d play around with him a little.  Knowing full well, I asked, “What kinda Cola?”  “Well, Pepsii Cola..what else?…I like it ice cold.”  We laughed.  Just like his younger brother liked cold with the ice frickets in it, Daddy used to say.  Before we hung up, as if caught off guard by the kindness, he gave me a big, “Girl, I Love ya!”

See, Unc is 81 going on 30.  A true hustler and Macaroni Tony from back in the day.  Just call him an old G.  You could never tell him he ain’t got it anymore….even though he really hasn’t seen it since, well, you get the picture lol.   Unc is still all swagger…got pep in his step, and loves life.  Says his secret is vodka and pretty women.  Let him tell it during our visit, “I neva did ugly, neva liked it…If my money got ugly, I’d throw it away!”  LOL!!

You never know, when you just decide to Do It…what will actually come out Of It.  We laughed the entire evening, but the highlight of the visit was flipping through his oooold photo albums.  Wow.  I’ve never met or seen many people family on Daddy’s side, being the rolling stone he was and all….but that day, I saw for the first time in my life — My paternal Grandma and GrandDad.  Oh the stories, esp. about my GrandDad — night club owner in the 30’s, with some pretty interesting connections *wink*.  I plan to hit on some of the highlights in the book…scenes straight out of a Bumpy Johnson movie….

But, I wanted to share this…maybe for nothing more than to read my growth.  The so-called rock and glue of the family left everyone behind when Dad passed…total disconnect…even from his twin, Unc.  After a little over a year, it’s getting easier now…and I’m very grateful.

So, what was up with today, today, today?!  Well, let’s just say nothing jolts you into tying up loose ends, making mends, stop putting off today for tomorrow, stop talkin’ and get to doin’…Nothing suffocates procrastination and excuses — quite like Death.  God rest my co-worker’s soul…



2 Responses to “Need Anything from the Store?”

  1. Kafo Says:

    i’m loving this new template

    hmmm ive been thinking about family for the last two days

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Thanks, Kafo…it’s very simple and inviting — to me *smile*.

    So now….we’ve thought and thought…what’s next? DO what’s on your heart and mind, k? 🙂

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