Why the Struggle?

January 28, 2009

struggle2When it comes to making decisions, from the trivial pick-and-choose to life-changing crossroads, why do I struggle so hard?  Man, I’ve always been a deep, over-thinker lol.  The concept of struggle and my seemingly endless love affair with it rested on me big time…during this season of introspection.  Moms didn’t help the case either, or rather, she cracked the case wide open during one of my ranting sessions.  “Girl, why the struggle?”

Let’s see….Cos I don’t want to:

…jack things up.
…make things worse.
…be wrong.
…make a careless mistake.
…regret my decision later.
…have to do this over again.

Out of those 7 little things (lol…and I could go on)…by the time I’ve wrestled, and toiled, and worried, and lost sleep, and thought about it, and planned it, and scrapped plans, and surveyed others, and Arghhhh!   When all the madness is over, guess what…..I still have to make a decision!

So, I ask myself again…why the struggle, man?  Cos I must learn that:

…you can never truly avoid making mistakes.
…sometimes things get worse, right before they get better.
…nothing is wrong with a do-over, if it’s what you need to get over, and stay over.
…I’m human, and won’t always get it right….where’s the growth in that?
…life is about making and living your best decisions.
…sometimes you’re never too grown to Woman-up :0)
…I HAVE to choose.

I believe at the base of all this learning is a full embrace of love for self, and the exposure of hidden fears.  Whadyah think?  Funny, how we forfeit peace and acceptance for strugglin’ disguised as an acceptable norm.  Okay, I’m on it… 🙂



2 Responses to “Why the Struggle?”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    just like me…

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