The Circle of Life Spins Fast, But I Ain’t Dizzy

January 16, 2009

windmill__2At least, I don’t think I am :).  Is it possible to spin in this circle called Life, so fast in mid-air, that the momentum almost feels natural?  Or is that just my faith parachute kicking in?  Seems like 2009 is gonna bring more change than I ever imagined.

I remember my childhood, watching Mama take care of Grandma.  It was just the way it was, and all I’d ever known.  We had our space in the house, Grandma had hers.  We had our stuff in the fridge, Grandma had her shelf lol.  Before Grandma got “grown” and wanted to get her own spot in a senior highrise, Mama handled her business for real…taking care of everything for Grandma, from doctors appointments to grocery shopping.  Still did, even when Grandma moved out after years of being part of the household.  Somehow, I wonder if Mama knew back then….she was paying it forward.

Now, guess who’s on deck.  Wow.

Right now, Mama lives alone in her own house.  Has for a while now.  She’s super healthy, and self-sufficient.  But this week, that circle of life dipped deeep into the momentum, and turned a corner on me.  Being as independent as she is, she wouldn’t come straight out and ask me, but I heard her heart.  “I would love to buy a large house for all of us, you know, something I could leave you when I’m gone.”  Emphasis on all of us….you caught that too, right?

First, of all….Cut it out with all that when I’m gone talk :). Secondly, me and hubby are (surprisingly) cool with the idea.  I say surprisingly, cos we were both like, on the inside, “Ohhh, ok, now’s the time…ok.”  Neither one of us blinked, and I’m wondering if we should have lol.  Having Moms live with us will probably bring with it some interesting changes we’re not even thinking about right now.  Right now, all I want is Mama to be happy in her golden years.  And the fact that we started “dating” last year, wow, perfect timing.  We have a newfound understanding, respect, and Love for one another after soooo many years, and that’s really great.  God knew exactly what He was doing.

So, now we house hunt, for that special mix that will satisfy all.  We need a bigger place for the bigger assignment ahead.  I love our current home, location, setup…but it’s time to move on…..where to God?



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