A New One, One, One

January 11, 2009

Over the past three years, this day has brought with it a myriad of emotional responses — Denial, I think,  was the first one on the scene… followed by its many cousins, like Pride, Anger, Bitterness, Self-righteousness, Unforgiveness, and a gang of others.

Eventually, that crew was evicted, and I couldn’t feel anything.  Just a deafening numbness piercing my heart and soul.  I was filled with emptiness, afraid to feel anything that had the wee chance of sending me back to start, or taking me out completely.

After this season, I gotta real whiff of its tenacity.  Just how long could Anger hold a grudge?  You’d be surprised.  And after witnessing the downward spiral of Anger’s health effects, not in the subject of my pain, but in Me…I said Uncle lol.  OK.  There are some pluses to humbling myself, and rescinding my throne of judgment.   “Here’s my choice to let it go — as seen in my actions”, and I showed my hand, like for real, and decided to reclaim my Joy and Happiness, which is my birthright.

Today, is the reboot of happy 1/11’s.  Cos now, when I think about His announcement, “It’s time for you to heal“, I don’t cringe, but Rejoice…knowing that overall, through it all, and for most, if not all of the hard parts…

I have :).



2 Responses to “A New One, One, One”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Here’s to happy 1/11’s, to reclaiming joy and happiness!

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Thank you Jennifer! An unbelievable feeling :)!

    Now to write the journey, plainly, so that others can run with it too *smile*!

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