Show Season Oh Eight…No, 9

December 22, 2008

theatre_masksI don’t remember last year being this hectic… show season draining so much time and energy.  Then again, last year I was numb juggling Daddy’s care, and had only one little entertainer to manage and shuffle around.  This year,  Son stretched his stage muscles and brought his A-game (woo-hoo)…Daughter left socks all over the place (after knocking them off)…and now, what’s that I hear?  Man, inspite of all the joy, proud Mama grins, and applause….I couldn’t wait for the fat lady to sing and take her bow *smile*.

Nine shows downtown in the A.  Over 2,000 patrons and supporters over the show run.  Countless hours of rehearsals from Oct – Dec.  Dozens of quick dinners from Wendy’s, rushing to and from rehearsals.  Science projects til 2am.  Oh, the battle of keeping the grades up, while shooting for bedtime by 11pm, rise and shine before 6am for school.  “Ma, I’m so sleeepy!”  The doubts of motherhoood – “should the Arts be this important this young?… should I let them push this hard?”  Keeping costumes washed and ironed.  The one-car shuffle to meet call times in rush hour traffic.  The poked out lips having to pay for parking to avoid another parking ticket 10min before leaving – boo.  The lights, the action!  The accident backstage during the show, where big door met Daughter’s big toe.  Watching Daughter kill it, like she was born without a big toe lol.  The healed purple bruise.  The laughter from the audience, in all the right places.  Working 5 of 9 shows, back, neck pain and all — doin’ it for the kids, man.  Daughter  – “Ma, every show…it’s a new adventure…ahh!”  “Ma, did you hear that note I hit?!”  Son – “I could get used to this acting stuff”  Oh the joys of discovering how the girls love it when he sings to them (whatever!).  The quick changes between scenes that worked.  Son dropping his prop, but recovering smoothly before the lights went up (only Mama knew, baby *smile*).  The finale.  Applause and whistles.  Theatre packup.  The kid after party with game room.  Parking lot farewells, waving and yelling, “Happy Holidays!”  The quiet ride home, with a heart filled with memories.  Mama’s final assignment for both — Sleep!

A mere glimpse into show season for little entertainers…Til next show…Exhale, we made it through :)!


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