I Only Stopped in for a Brochure

November 24, 2008


Did you hear that?  Excuse me.  That’s just me and hubby engorging ourselves with several vehicle transmissions and engines over the past year plus.  All fried, died, and laid to the side of some road in the “A” *smile*.

So, it’s been pretty interesting renting cars for a year.  A hit to the pockets that we’ve gratefully maintained, but boy did it cost out the ying yang.

Hubby had been saying for weeks, “Somebody’s gonna get us in a car.”  Now, we’re all familiar with my financial challenges as I rebuild life.  My credit’s pretty much reached a drastic level, having gone so long without payments until recent.

Nevertheless, at the beckoning of hubby, I went down to the Toyota dealership for a brochure.  I wasn’t in the mood for rejection, but I figured I’d start dreaming and focusing on a new car, even if it didn’t look feasible in the near future.

Of course, no car salesman just hands you a brochure and lets you walk out.  They have questions.  What color?  What monthly payment?  Any credit challenges?  I humored him.  Told him the straight up ugly truth, so maybe he’d leave me alone, give me the brochure, and I’d be on my way.  Funny, he didn’t flinch at anything I said.  “Listen, let’s run the numbers, I think we can do something…if we can’t, at least you’ll know that no one can.”  Is that right?…

I don’t know…maybe most of you have pristine credit, or credit with a few minor blemishes or bruises.  Us?  Credit’s been shot in the head.  Twice.  And stabbed LOL!  I oblige my salesman, “OK, let’s see what happens.”  But on the inside, I’m a tad nervous.  Sure, I’m like “God, we are so tired of renting cars, and borrowing cars when funds are low…we would love to have transpo we can afford, and that doesn’t break down on us.”  BUT (yeah, I butted)…we’ve been in these situations before…where sales folk brag on their miracles, then give us the speech, “cos of this this and this…well, just keep rebuilding.”

What I had conveniently forgotten was….it wasn’t sales folks and credit departments at all who granted miracles!

Can you believe, within an hour, they were cleaning up a new ’09 for us???!!!!!!  Me?  Approved?  Funny how some of my bruises and stab wounds, that I truthfully disclosed, didn’t even show up on the report LOL!  Ahahahahah {sinister laugh}!

All sillyness aside…I was in shock, but so very thankful and grateful for our own transportation.  A car that won’t die on us next month…one with a REAL warranty.  Thanks for pushing me to go to the dealership, hubby.  Sometimes, we don’t see the logic, or the way out of no way…until we’re actually walking on the path that was previously invisible (sounds like the essence of faith, huh?).  Or in my case, driving away with something far better than a brochure…..funny, I never did get that brochure either *smile*.  Ashe.Selah

2 Responses to “I Only Stopped in for a Brochure”

  1. Jaycee Says:

    Oh yeah, the miracle was not in the hands of the salesmen! CONGRATULATIONS on your new car!!!

    Also, I pray your credit reports rise up to the level of excellence. God wants us to be role-models, even with regards to the current credit situation.

    Have a lovely weekend dear…:)

  2. […] Yep, I was.  Beaming with relief and gratefulness for the newest instance of favor in my life.  A new car….wow.  Nothing can diminish that miracle, its truth.   However, it’s […]

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