The Cost of Curiosity

November 17, 2008

Hubby was home the other morning, which is rare with his schedule, and offered to take the kids to school.  What?!  Are you kidding, help yourself, love!  I could use a few more winks nowadays, for real…Especially having been up at 4am fooling with one contact ….took it out, back to bed.  Now…it wasn’t a total self-less gesture from hubby (we had plans when he returned *smile*)…But who could pass up a sleep-in that included not saying the words “hurry up” in a sentence one time!  Woulda been sweet, man…but some of the best Zzz’s are broken up by madness and utter chaos.

I jerked my head off the pillow…partly cos hubby’s blastin’ the am news and dropping stuff in the bathroom, and partly cos, I was hearing things.  “Bay, who is that crying?”  “Nobody, get your rest…that’s just {Son} singing.”  Right.  I tried to lay back down, but I didn’t need Keith Sweat to tell me…something just ain’t right.

Within seconds, we heard Daughter scream…. “Daddy, he’s bleeding!”

I literally leaped out of the covers, clearing the edge of the bed to the floor.  Though my eyes were all squinty from working in cyclops mode LOL, I eventually got a clear focus of the situation downstairs.

Two words — Blood bath.

Apparently, little dude, who was supposed to be making his breakfast, got the not-so-bright idea to try out the new knife set on our silicone pot holders.  Needless to say, rubber rarely stops a knife blade from cutting human flesh.  And get this…I guess in total aftershock, with blood gushing and squirting from his thumb, Son took off running laps from the kitchen to the living room SHAKING the hand!!!  Can you say splattered blood  everywhere?!!!!……..the floors, stove, fridge, microwave, blinds, walls, tables, fireplace, doors, light switches….blood splatters the size of quarters to pin heads.

OK…how does blood get on that tiny nook between the countertop and the silverware drawer?  I’m wiping up blood thinkin’…there’s no way I could be the “cleaner” (really good movie).  I’ll miss a drop and send everybody away for life…

Once the situation calmed down and we got the finger wrapped up to go to the docs…Son sat on the sofa with Daughter — both of them laughing.  Crazy hubby was running around the room hollering, pausing to touch everything….his comical explanation as to how so much blood landed in so many different places LOL!  We were dying laughing….yes, our fam still finds the humor in almost everything!

What were some of your hardest lessons as a kid….doing (most times EXACTLY) what you were warned NOT to do?  Heck, what are some of our adult lessons along the same lines…*smile*

Anywho, I was once again the Mama snapping pics at a time like this….boy, my kids’ high school graduation or wedding is gonna be too much.  But seriously, Son is fine, the finger took 5 stitches (with two needles to numb it…yeah, he paid a high price…cut up something awful hubby said), and he’s healing nicely.  We’ll still have to tell Son to hurry up in the mornings….but we will never have to tell him not to play with knives.  Nope, not ever again :)!



2 Responses to “The Cost of Curiosity”

  1. Jewells Says:

    OMG. Things could’ve been a lot worse. I’m sure Son learned his lesson and will not cut on rubber again. If he had to do the cleaning, I’m sure he’d learn not to walk around SHAKING his hand while bleeding either. This was traumatic, but you sure made it comical=)

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Girl, with some stuff u either laugh or lose it :). If it wasn’t so much blood…needing attention to detail, I would have had buddy do a little cleaning. I’m sure this lesson is gonna stick with Son…he’s passing up a pet knife for Christmas named “cut ’em up” LOL!

    The stitches are coming out, and soon there’ll be nothing there but a line on that thumb with a great story for him to tell his kids :).

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