It’s the Little Things?

November 11, 2008

statueThat’s what I always tell the kids, right?…in a different light.  It’s the little things that remembering to put on deodorant, keeping the room clean, etc.  Years ago, I even made them a Little Things morning checklist that hung right beside the light switch in their room…get them into the habit of not forgetting…the little things.  Check!

Today, I need to write about the little things that make me happy, smile, giggle….cos a big part of me is being a total BRAT…rotten to the core man, whatever!  And when the Queen’s not happy, need I say more lol.  See, tomorrow is my birthday (woo hoo!), and the gonna-dos, money, time — not much has gone according to plan or schedule.  I’ve had a week of repeat doctor’s visits, been scraped and probed more than any woman should be in such a short time span lol, and I just want things to go my way, OK?? More health updates later.

Honestly, I think I’m mostly pissed cos I made it clear last month, when hubby made a humongous purchase, “Alright, I’m not tryin’ to be broke on my birthday next month.”  No blame, jealous maybe lol.  And sure enough, that, plus some of my commission checks have been delayed a week :-(.  Looks like the facial, full body massage, shopping and such will have to wait….argh…boo!

What is it with me and exact dates??  Here I am…I’m gonna have a sweeeeet ‘week after birthday’, but I’m ticked cos next week is NOT birthday week.  I know…whatever…it’s how I feel this second, inflamed with bratits….

So let’s get to changing this funk into a grateful groove.  I got this idea from Karen’s blog.  She called it the warm fuzzies *smile*.  I knew I’d need to post this sooner or later, just didn’t expect my fuzzies to be ice cold when I did lol.  What are some of the little things in life…the simple pleasures that bring me joy?

– A warm embrace you can get lost in as looong as you want 🙂 – Indulging in a hot bubble bath surrounded by candles 🙂 – Finding dried money in fresh laundry you forgot all about 🙂 – A loud smack on the cheek from the kids 🙂 –  Traveling in the car looking up at the moon…who’s following who?  🙂 – Creating the music I hear in my head 🙂 – Giving someone a ‘just because’ they never saw coming, and it knocks their socks off 🙂 – Receiving a ‘just because’ I never saw coming 🙂 – Applying eyeliner, and both eyes come out even/identical lol 🙂 – Enjoying a perfectly blended smoothie 🙂 – A sun-shiny day 🙂 – Catching hubby watching my butt when I walk…still does something to ya lol? 🙂 – Watching my kids perform 🙂 – A roof over my head 🙂 – Opening the door to a refrigerator stocked with options 🙂 – Dinner by candlelight only because we choose to, not have to 🙂

…I could go on, and will in my own mind to influence my thoughts right now.  But as you can see, it’s pretty easy to get down to the real heart of the matter, when we use our worse-sight.   You try it…works every time our bratitis flares up lol.

What are some of your little things?

4 Responses to “It’s the Little Things?”

  1. Austin Says:

    You know I see many people struggle financially as I do and I have seen so many fall behind or fall off the boat all together. There are so many with huge financial woes right now that every time I eat dinner I think to myself, there’s a family in a shelter that never dreamed they’d be there. How can I complain about never getting ahead if I am at least able to maintain? Others are not maintaining, they’re falling behind and falling off. So each time I have something small or have a basic need met I think of the current condition of this economy and feel a great sense of peace that I am blessed to have.

    This entry is called Crumbs At My Table. It describes what I said above.

    Austin of Sundrip

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    …and therein lies the heart of the matter. Real truth, Austin. Real light…

  3. Austin Says:

    Ashe.Selah I only left the comment about the entry because I know how you fell about remembering the good part of life. You talked about your focused on both the good and the bad, denying neither which I find very balanced. You validated your feelings of irritation for having to wait a week for your moment and you also listed your blessings.

    In this entry I wanted to do the exact same thing…validate the struggle but also point out that I feel blessed at times.

    I hope I didn’t come off judgmental.

    until again,

  4. ashe.selah Says:

    No, hun, not at all. Just my personal feelings, my internal response as I shook myself outta the funk…At one point, I actually said to myself typing this post, “You need to cut this junk out” LOL.

    Thanks for understanding my mind dump in print…all opposing sides having a voice. Usually, the best thought wins…usually :).

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