Electrifying History, Proud American

November 6, 2008


I’ve heard similar sounds before.  At concerts, football games.  That roar.  A roar that becomes almost non-human.  One that morphs into its own ‘being’ and travels throughout the place.

Where were YOU on election night for President Obama?  I was at MLK’s church, Ebenezer Baptist in the  “A”, witnessing history on 8ft screens, enjoying Son and Daughter’s group perform (what an honor to be invited huh!)…and living the Roar of thanksgiving and freedom I had never experienced before in my life.  One word — Electrifying!  (Catch us on CNN when they switch to Atlanta…ahhh?!)

It mattered not who was at the podium to speak…when those screens flashed CNN’s updates on Obama’s impending victory…Ohio, Mass, ahead in FL….Folks, we tore the roof off the place.  Grown, husky brothers with puddles in their eyes, kids jumping up and down, me jumping up and down lol…I’m very grateful to have experienced this event, as we gave thanks to God for where He’s brought our country from, and where we are now.

It’s kinda strange, but, I doubt if I’m the only African-American out there who feels a ‘different’ kind of pride in being an American today.  As I thought about these feelings, and why, here’s a few reasons that came to mind:

–  America’s ‘system’ felt more like lip service, than heart service.  Whatcha mean?  Well, there’s a difference in saying that all men are created equal, and treating all men as equals.  Or how ’bout selective equality…Sure, you can die for this country, but we won’t treat you as an equal citizen living in this country.  Until this day, I had never seen the American machine operate blindly without regard to color.  As my eyes scanned Chicago’s Grant Park, I saw it — the real Great American Melting Pot!  So beautiful.

–  President Obama ran his campaign as an American.  Not as an African-American, but as a human with a heart and passion for change for his country.  And when you really look at the man, look at the whole man, he totally embodies a melting pot, dontcha think?

{Sidebar:  Throughout this election process, I would always think, “If ‘white’ culture has been historically ‘supreme’ to black culture, as the propaganda went, why was there sooo much attention drawn to his African-ness?  Wasn’t his blackness only half the story…the half that had less of an impact on his life than white culture?  Just a thought…here’s to the content of our character beyond the color of our skin.}

–  Never before had I joined hands with so many people who didn’t look like me, to accomplish such a monumental goal.  Let’s be real.  President Obama didn’t win with the black vote alone.  Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, everyone had to unite with a common purpose.  We all brought our hues and colors to the palette and made something beautiful.  Now that’s American in a way I’ve never experienced.

Like President Obama said in his speech….winning wasn’t the change we were working for — winning was the opportunity to change.  Now, let’s seize the opportunity, and get to work.  I still need you, and you still need me.  Let’s get it done.  Ashe.Selah


One Response to “Electrifying History, Proud American”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Wow — what a great place to be on election night. Between the history and the joy, it must have been incredible.

    I can’t wait for the Obama presidency.

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