November 2, 2008

Could’ve swore I heard a “cl”.  And that was cool, no pressure, cos I knew the “ick” was coming down the road.  Maybe highway.  I just knew it was going to take Son some time.  And I was braced for the long haul.

With that, no one expected the report card he hauled home this week.  Sure, I’ve sported specs since first grade, contacts since high school, but I know what I saw, and my hearing ain’t bad either.

“Your son is failing my class…his behavior is affecting his grades.”  The final progress report supported every word.

So, when Son jumped in the car after school with his report card to the tune of, “Ma, you are NOT gonna believe this!”, I never thought he was talking about his report card.  We’ll catch it in the mail, right?  Wrong.

The “F” — C.
The “D’s” — B’s.
Other grades…A’s, even one in Science.
Lawd, this boy almost made the honor roll LOL !!!

Now, I believe in miracles, and me and hubby have prayed long and hard for Son and this school thing…and talked, and pleaded…but there were no words to describe my elation, or the surprise on my face (that would’ve been a funny pic).  Driving them home from school, I’m calling my Mom, who yelled her support on speaker phone.  Son just blushed the whole time.  I think he was in just as much shock as we were.  We screamed and cheered all the way home.

Pulling into the garage, I cut the car off, and just looked at Son.  Daughter was grinning proudly in the backseat.  “Boy, I am soooo proud of you!!!!”  Right then, overwhelmed by the reality, the journey, I guess, Son just broke.  That boy cried crocodile tears.  What else could I do put hold his head against my chest and get misty myself *smile*.  

During family Bible Study, Daughter {ahem lol} taught Me and Son about Faith.  She said she was inspired by Son’s report card, and knew it took alot of Faith for him to achieve such a feat.  Her bottomline?  “Be courageous, just believe, listen….and do it!”  — merging both a message of Faith and courage to make better choices..i.e. do the right thing.  Funny, Son says towards the end, “yeah, Ma, during detention last week, Mr. R talked to me about being defiant.  I’m gonna work on that.”  

Hmm, detention.  I said it was a click…not Clicks lol.  Keeping my ears (and heart) open… 🙂


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