Sometimes You Have to do Scary Things…

October 6, 2008

…to face your fears.  You have to do scary things, so you won’t be afraid anymore.

~Daughter, 12

She asked me to blog these words.  Me, Son, and Daughter were walking from the food court back to our car.  I dunno.  I guess it just hit her, and I get this wide-eyed “ooh, Ma, I got a good one for you!” LOL.  You know the drill.  I can’t even remember what we were talking about.  All I know is…when little teacher asks if I completed my assignment (posting this blog), I want to get a big, red happy face on my paper (nose and teeth included lol)  :-).

Hmm….scary things.  I reeeally could go down the street with this one.  But I’ll just cover her words, and let them simmer after a high boil.  Marinating my fears in this Truth will do me some good….how ’bout you?  Got some scary things you need to do (or keep on doing)….to grow, get over it, succeed, BE?

I jotted down a few of my scary things….things I do, or want to do more often.  Looks like they ‘boil down’ to “just being Me” regardless.  Love, accept, approve…ME!

–  Letting go of the familiar/safe, to make room for the new/unknown
–  Doing things that show my weakness/vulnerability
–  Speak my Truth, no matter how others take it
–  Blogging about my fears *wink*

Your turn…if it’s not too scary :).


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