Make the Bailout Work Out

September 30, 2008

Well, I’ve been m.i.a. for a quick min.  From here and most things Internet after the day ends..which has been way later than usual.  Let’s see….it was a grueling week of nightly Civil War research with Son…dragging every sentence outta him for his 5th grade paper, like for real…2.5 typed double-spaced pages worth :).  He did an excellent job, though both of us were so relieved when we were done.  No grade yet, but I know he got an A.  Concurrent with the paper? Daughter had nightly rehearsals and a show.  It was probably all this ripping and running busy-ness that made me an easy target for an achy cold.  Tired, but getting better.  Hubby was the last mohican in the house to catch it.  We’ve all been lapping hot tea with cough drops, and consuming tissues. But hubby?  Let’s just say, he’s not having a great weekend (inside joke lol…”Hey there Bob!  Are you having a great weekend?!”  “You betcha Tom, I’m having a grrrreat weekend!”……ya gotta be there…anywho LOL!!!).

Last week on Ashe.Selah [in my soap opera announcer voice], I shared my quest to regain financial balance and integrity, and explained how some things are/have come back with a vengeance.  All the while, I’m watching CNN thinking, yeah, I’ve got some big debts to repay myself, but I don’t know how or where to start…feel ya on that, Wall Street.

While I’d hoped for more leniency during our conversations, my negotiations were short, sweet bitter, and to the point.  My sick, raspy voice couldn’t even help me lol.  Pay in full TODAY, or we yank 800 bucks from you every month till paid in full.  That bites!  I’d been praying all weekend,  racking my brain for a workout they’d consider.  But, I’d run out of time for negotiations.  Ever pray (and expect) for God to show up a certain way, and He doesn’t?  Yeah, that’s another post altogether, I know….

So, I’m sitting at my desk, calculator smokin’ lol…trying to figure out either how to get out of the mess, or how to handle the monthly blow.  Phone rings.  It’s Mom.  “So, how’s all that going?”  “I was just sitting here working the numbers…right now, I’m outta options and time.”  “They won’t work with you at all?”  “Yeah, they’ll work with me…with a paid in full cashier’s check.”  “Can you be here by noon?”

I didn’t see the bailout coming, but when it arrived, I felt both sick and overjoyed.  (Huh? I did)   All my speeches about this is my responsibility, I’m not taking money from you, I can’t, I’ve got it…blah blah were to no avail.  Before 3pm, the debt was wiped out….and now, not only does charity begin at home, financial integrity does too, as I pay Moms back…under wayyy more favorable terms.

Two days after that, got a call from an old friend/client I haven’t worked with since ’04,,,needing some tech work.  By week’s end, a regular client ran out of items, and placed a re-order.  Can you hear the ka-ching coming to a pocketbook near me…to help me on my financial mission?

This was all a miracle, people.  Even if I thought Mom had it, I wouldn’t ask..what in the world?  Daddy used to always tell me, “You don’t tell your business.”  (See, part of my old pride was the lying aire that I’ve got everything together, and I don’t need anybody else, bail me out?….hmph, I’ve got ME!… i.e., the sick feeling).  Then he’d say, “Tell ya business!!  Sometimes, the very people we hide from are the ones who can help us the most!”   Now, let that one simmer a second……whew :)!

I am sooo grateful and thankful to God and Moms for my personal bailout.  I was looking high and low due West, but God sent my answer from the East lol…shocked me…overtook me.  Now, I’m up to the task of making my bailout work out.

I have more giants to face down the road, but it feels good to know and experience blind Faith fighting hard from the shadows…How’d I put it?…If God was able to bring me back, He’s able to care and provide for me where I am. Ashe.Selah


4 Responses to “Make the Bailout Work Out”

  1. Remi Says:

    First time here, navigated through from Jaycee’s blog (light-her-lamp). I Just want to say I pray your testimony gives hope to a lot of people out there. In the times of recession God’s people will prosper. By any means necessary, he will keep us safe from all harm. I join you in thanking Godf or his faithfulness. Thanks for sharing and God bless.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I have to say…I’m on this path. I may have to go to my dad for some money…not something I look forward too but it has to be done…

    I’m also being pro-active, I plan on paying him back by looking for a second job. My life …::sigh::

  3. Jewells Says:

    I needed to read this today. God is soooooo good!! Look at how quickly He worked in your situation. And then He had somebody waiting to do business with you as soon as the debt was paid. Like they say, He may not come when you want Him, but He’s always on time.

    That is the one thing that is allowing me to keep hope alive. I NEED a job like last night. I had all these people wanting me a couple of weeks ago, practically begging for me to come work for them. Today, I hear NOTHING. I called to check and no one returns my calls. What the heck??? So, I am steadily sowing seeds. Don’t want to work at Sally’s, but I got an application sitting on my desk. I broke down yesterday. It has all become too much. But I have hope. Don’t know where it’s coming from. Guess that’s what faith is: believing in what we don’t see.

    Let me stop and save the rest for my blog…LOL.

    I’m glad to know that things have turned in your favor and your outlook is looking brighter!

  4. ashe.selah Says:

    Sorry for the delay, folks…i do better :-).

    @Remi: Thanks and welcome to ya, Remi. Flourishing in times of general hardship is easy to say, challenging to wade though, and exciting to see it manifest. Somewhere in this cycle, I hope to move excitement closer to saying it, no what I mean? Drop by anytime, and I’ll see you at your place shortly.

    @Cynthia: Hola girl *smile*! It’s ok, just remember that paths end, or they lead to other paths, you know? Walk it as long as you have to — then get off! Best part? Some paths we’ll never have to cross again :).

    @Jewells: Girl, hang in there. I’ll be over to read more, but know this: You can never tell the tallest or most vibrant flower, just by looking at a handful of seeds. Even if it looks small, weak, or crazy….plant it anyway. Ya neva know :)!

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