Seeing Too Much, Too Soon

August 10, 2008

I typically call myself the chic with the red fro. Well lately, being eight months late for my color touch up, I’ve been the chic with the dark brown fro and copper tips lol. January is usually my color month, and the only real time I visit a salon to fork out the dough (gotta love natural hair).

This past weekend, I finally made time to spruce up the red, and let’s just say, it was a pretty revealing experience….some things I needed to see, some things I didn’t. Let me explain.

I ventured to my fave salon for color, and wouldn’t you know it, my color guy had moved to another salon. Boo! So, I ask the front desk who’s on next….who would they recommend. They placed me with a young chic (let’s call her) Kiki. Cool.

So, I’m asking Kiki questions…checking credentials, how long she’d been at the salon (she was fairly new to this location), is color one of her strengths. She tells me how color was her fave subject (um, when did you graduate hair school?), how she had just completed a color correction with chemicals stronger than the ones for me…yada yada. She knew I was like interviewing her before we got started.

As she was mixing the colors, my stomach started to get nervous, as I watched her confer with another stylist. He was giving her color codes and such, as she listened attentively. I just wasn’t seeing a clear level of confidence…even though, they could have been comparing notes or something.

Twenty minutes into the process, after seeing the super red-orange mixture in the small bowl, I felt an interesting level of anxiety rising up lol. I don’t know this chic. Did she understand what I meant by cinnamon red? Dabbing my forehead as liquid ran down, the blotches on the white towel were the color of mustard with a dab of ketchup lol. And all my crazy self could think was…there’s no turning back….I’m now a mustard-ketchup head lol.

“Um, you wanna go ahead and rinse the color out?” “No, the back hasn’t lifted yet, give it about 10 more minutes…”

The more I dabbed, and looked at the color on the towel, I was sure of it. I even used my cell phone as a mirror at the rinse bowl…OMG, my hair is freakin’ orange! I was jacked up, and there was nothing left to do than to prepare to turn the place out (I know, I know….always on green to share a piece of my mind….I’m workin’ on me, ya’ll lol)

LSS, by the time all was rinsed, shampooed, and conditioned…walking back to her station, stylists and clients left and right were saying, “Ooh, that’s hot…can I get her color next time LOL!!!” The color was exactly as I described I wanted it.

People, I was sooooooo shame for what I thought I was gonna have to do up in there LOL!! I doubted Kiki, her expertise…I begged her forgiveness for giving her such a hard time lol. She said she understood (color is almost forever), and actually thanked me cos she’s going for this color her next go around.

Now, it’s very seldom that I run into life lessons like this, and God doesn’t share a golden nugget with my Spirit.

Right there in the chair, my Spirit heard… “There are things I’m preparing for you, circumstances I’m changing, means and methods I’m creating for your future…..But I can’t show you, or tell you everything — too soon. You’re not ready to handle it, and you’ll end up exerting alot of unnecessary energy on what you think you see, and where you think I’m going…..when it’s not the final product OR the final destination I’ve prepared for you. Stay in your lane, child, keep your nose where it belongs *smile*…..just Trust Me!” Later, I found this reassuring text in the Bible:

“I still have many things to tell you, but you can’t bear them right now. But when the Spirit of Truth comes, that’s just where He will guide you — into Truth. When it’s time, he will let you know what is to come…” John 16:12-13

I hear ya, Father. Help me to be more and more sensitive to the Spirit of Truth. Yeah, I’ve gotta nose problem sometimes, but instead of poking and peeking into Your business, I’ll learn to use my nose to simply smell the flowers, as you take care of everything that I need…even some of the things I want. Thank you!

Coming down to the flower bed with me? C’mon. Ready? It’s okay, close your eyes. Now…inhale……… :)! Ashe.Selah

13 Responses to “Seeing Too Much, Too Soon”

  1. Jaycee Says:

    John 16:12-13 just ministered to me…

    Thanks 🙂

  2. That’s funny how a trip to the salon could lead to a spiritual moment, but hey – they say everything happens for a reason. (smile)

    And I love that verse you came across! You’re not the only one who has a “nose problem” every now and then, so I’m writing that one down for future reference 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. ashe.selah Says:

    @Jaycee: You’re welcome, lady :)!

    @T. Michelle: Thanks and welcome, girl. That’s just how God and I are wired lol…He’ll take the simple, off topic, unrelated to anything STUFF and show me me, or express a Truth I need. I had to write this down too for future reference, cos I guarantee ya…I’ll need it again down the road somewhere *smile*.

  4. disgodkidd Says:


  5. ashe.selah Says:

    {smiling @ u, D!}

  6. Austin Says:

    Oh my gosh. That is too funny…and so wrong..and funny. Tell me you were able to have this spiritual enlightenment for free. If I’d gone in for one thing and came out with something totally different I would have been so mad.


  7. ashe.selah Says:

    Hey there Austin!…yeah, like the best things in life, it was free *smile*. Come out with something different?…girl, my thing was not coming out with something horrific lol! Whew…

  8. Cynthia Says:

    Is your hair natural?

    I am thinking of doing something colorly to my own ‘do but my hair is natural now so I’m not sure how to proceed…or heck, where I should even go these days!

    I’m glad you were color and spiritually fulfilled! 🙂

  9. ashe.selah Says:

    Yep…been au-natural for some years now. I’ll send you info on my color spot…I think colorly will be cuteful on you *smile*!

  10. Sandra Says:

    Isn’t it amazing that the lessons of God come from everywhere? What a humbling lesson on being non-judgmental. In addition, you also boosted her confidence with praise. How wonderful!

  11. ashe.selah Says:

    Sandra, some of the smallest, perhaps foolish things in the world…God will use them to make a big impact on you.

    It showed me I’ve gotta keep an eye on that self-righteous, know-it-all flaw that will peek its head out if I don’t starve it (I’ve never been to cosmo school…how am I gonna tell anyone how to color hair lol?). And I think it not only boosted her confidence, but put her in a good light with her “new” co-workers.

    …many birds, one stone…Just like God :).

  12. Sharon Says:

    You should see the look on my face. I’m having some trust issues right now; I’m kinda in the ‘OK Lord, but I don’t have to like it’ phase. This was just spot on!

  13. ashe.selah Says:

    So glad, Sharon! That’s an interesting place, girl…I’ve been there a time or two…didn’t always get a passing grade OR go through with a perky attitude lol.

    But keep making progress, as patience, trust, and understanding grows with time. You’ll get a chance to see the good that has always been at work for you :)!

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