Cyclops or Four-Eyes

August 9, 2008 this post is all chopped up, as I’ve been stabbing it, hit or miss, for the past three days..content aging…thoughts changing. Try to work with the randomness…….

The verdict is in…doc says I have a small tear on the cornea. So I’m home for about 4 days workin’ the bacterial drops and sportin’ the coke bottles that I love to hate. If I wanna venture outdoors (which I can do, now that I can handle sunlight)….it’s really a choice of the lesser of two evils…kick it as a cyclops in one contact lens, or sport the specs. Let’s just say, if I squint the healing eye, cyclops really isn’t that bad :).

Since I’ve been on the bum…a hard chill mode for the past couple of days, I think I’ll ramble a bit without agenda…

Hmm….hubby is feeling better after experiencing the dark side of the sun last weekend. Cutting the yard when the sun is at its peak will introduce you to dehydration, a nice ambulance ride, and an IV prick that’ll sting for days. He bounced back by the evening, thank goodness. Yeah, it’s been a trip week at our house.

The next morning after the hospital drama, I got up and made everyone strawberry pancakes. Now, I’ll admit, hubby is the ultimate cook in the house. But Mama picked up the slack while he was on his back. While me and daughter prepared the batter, we found the loveliest strawberry in the wwworld in the batch…almost a shame to eat it (but we did). Daughter knows me, and before I could make a move, she says, “ooh, get the camera” lol. Isn’t it lovely *smile*?

The ‘A’ has been having some pretty treacherous storms lately. We found this blocking half of the driveway when we got home from the hospital. Last week, the kiddos and I got a work out in the yard…breaking and bagging limbs, etc. I can see and feel why they call yard work — exercise.

Has anybody seen the summer? Last I heard it was thumbing a ride 75-S to FLA. Man, if I were a kid, I’d be hot as McDonald’s grease right about now…and not just because of the hot weather. I literally blinked and summer was gone. We were the worst-but-doing-our-best parents this year….yeah last minute school shopping was the name of the game. But it was fun watching the kids assemble all of their supplies for their bookbags. Anything “new” and “mine” excites them. I’m pleased with the teachers we met at open house…Son has his 1st male teacher for 5th grade….something we think he’s needed since 1st grade lol…he’s excited and so are we.  When I met Daughter’s teachers, the 7th grade head said, “So you’re Daughter’s mom?!”  (Remember, I was, for the most part, m.i.a. last year working and caring for Dad)  “Oh, I just want to tell you, Mom, you’re doing such a great job with Daughter…very well-mannered…she’s making you proud.”  Well, how ’bout them apples lol…Woo hoo!  That’s the best compliment any Mama can get…when teacher wants to meet or know “who is Her/His Mama?”

Ok..all for now.  Let me try to get my thoughts back on track…there’s so much more going on…inside & out….:)


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