Big Red Eye

August 5, 2008

Ooohwee…I want to write up the world right now. And read. But I got this big ‘ole red eye…the left one lol. Let’s just say my girl at work, whose son is trying contacts for the first time, said, “Hey, maybe we can take a pic of that eye….Son, this is what will happen if you leave the contacts in too long.” Ha. Very funny :). It is a lesson, though. One that’s making a soft behind of this hard-headed chic.

Anywho, I just wanted to leave a mark. I better go chill for now and give the eye a break from the monitor, books….ahhhh it’s so hard to…let….go…of…the mouse lol. It’s no use….the defense will rest…After I say “Happy Sisters’ Day” to all (the day may have passed, I dunno, but real Sisters are worth 365 *smile*)….those by blood, those by heart beyond friendship :)! Ashe.Selah


2 Responses to “Big Red Eye”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    hope the eye gets better quickly!

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