Delayed Magnitude & Reforgiveness

August 1, 2008

Is that even a “real” word? Can I stick “re-” on any word and broaden my vocabulary lol? Or is this the best word I can come up with right now that fits the content and context of where a part of me is?

I actually can’t remember a time other than now where I need to exercise reforgiveness (hmm, maybe when I forgive, I do forget). Let me illustrate an extreme example of the context of this word as I feel it.

Suppose a boyfriend (Jack) & girlfriend (Jill) are preparing for a wedding, and Jack finds out that Jill has been unfaithful with Little Boy Blue (he could really blow a horn lol…ok, jus playin). Sooo, Jill admits her wrong, asks for forgiveness, Jack goes through the process of forgiveness, and over time, things get better for the young couple. Months later (as in after the wedding), Jack makes an awful discovery….Little Boy Blue wasn’t the only suitor….there was Little Jack Horner, Jack B. Nimble, Peter who liked Pumpkins, and the beat goes on. Though Jill has been faithful ever since, Jack never knew the magnitude of the offence.

When we forgive…does magnitude (later discovered) matter for the same named offence? Let’s think about this folks, cos it’s relevant to how we ourselves ask for forgiveness. Do we tell the whole extent of damage (I stole your crayons AND your notebook AND eraser — if the person only knows about the crayons). Some may say, “why bother to tell EVERYthing.” Or do we just apologize for being — a thief…plain and simple. Makes me think….hmm. What about you?

I got a dose of delayed magnitude recently. Magnitude of this nature is always more than enough to swallow. It’s brought up (or rather tried to uproot) all the work done to move on… apparently when I was rolling over a hill, I should’ve been rolling over Gibralter.

How do you handle reforgiveness? My decision…my desire is always to forgive. I may have said this before here, but one of my pet peeves is RE-WORK. Apply it however you like…I loathe it. I’d rather hit it in the head and leave it alone, wash my hands, move on..clean and clear break. To have to go back is a drag….but the good thing is — I refuse to stay, gotta go. Ashe.Selah

2 Responses to “Delayed Magnitude & Reforgiveness”

  1. Charles Sapp Says:

    Excellent point. I would have to say that forgiveness or “reforgiveness is a testament of time. Most of us must extrapolate the hurt upon the ego and the emotions that still smolder. Recognition of truth is vital. Great work you have here, and I enjoy your site! I am off to read some of your poetry. Maybe we should reciprocate links on each others blogroll. Whatcha think? See you soon!

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    I concur, Charles…that good ‘ole bruised ego is right in the center of things *smile*. Maybe the issue is Truth is deeper and wider than we’d prefer to realize and embrace.

    Thanks for the cheer….cya @ your place soon :)!

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