An Instance of Beauty

July 27, 2008

It’s a funny thing….me and nature…now. I haven’t always “got” it. Its beauty that is. I should really get a bumper sticker that says, “I brake for beauty in nature.” It would probably help others understand either why my passenger-side window is rolled down and I’m leaning over with the cell phone, or why I’m squatting outside of a running car with the door open lol (I’ve got to get to that line item on my life’s to-do- list…photography). Fortunately, this time, the beauty was right in my own driveway.

I’d just dropped the kiddos off at theatre practice, zooming back home to (hopefully) get some quality writing done. As I was pulling into the drive, these vibrant lilac and lavender colors leaped out at me from an area of dense weeds in the yard. Camera phone activate LOL! I was able to capture this instance of beauty (looks better in person)…not realizing what a true “instance” it was. Whatcha mean?

Well, within three days, the bloom….the beautiful colors were all gone! For a couple of days, I’d pull into the driveway and my eyes would unconsciously gravitate to that spot…just to catch my glimpse. I was shocked by day 3 that there was nothing there…just your grass/weed greens and dirt/mulch browns.

Made me think about a few random things…

1) The Creator winks at us in nature. Gives us a quick glimpse of his magnificence and artistry when we least expect it. He took great care in dressing and painting that wildflower, even though He knew its existence would be short-lived. For your short stay…Here, wear this beautiful coat of lavender. Long after you’re gone, your beauty will still be appreciated. Wow, the Creator gives His best at all times, never half steps. Are there times in my life, where I half-step….give < 100% because I make the moment trivial, unimportant, not that serious or deep? Sure. Imagine the beauty, the goodness, the benefits realized when we commit to doing our best in every occasion.

2) The smallest things, with the shortest duration, can have the biggest, longest-lasting impact on us…..either positive or negative. Let’s see….The two seconds it took for them to say “I Love You”, that pat or caress on the back when mere words were inadequate…..a 3min phone call that starts a nasty rumor, the time it took for him/her to say those hurtful words. Funny how impact is all about feelings. I’m with Maya Angelou on this one, but a step further….sometimes we may forget what’s said or done, but the impact…the feeling of that thing, good or bad, lingers OR changes. Here’s to negative impacts becoming distant, numb memories….

3) Rarely do we understand the value of the little things, until they’re gone. There’s so much we take for granted…Just get a splinter in your pinky finger and see how it affects your entire body lol (or a toothache). Go to the restroom…anybody gotta help you…with your adult diaper? Go a whole month without any comments on your blog and see how much you’ll miss the interaction, connection (I appreciate you lovely cheer-readers). Think about that funny joke only so-and-so loved one or friend would get….but they’re not “there” anymore for whatever reason. The little things we have, and overlook, really mean the world to someone else…

One wildflower….many thoughts. I think that’s it…for now :).


4 Responses to “An Instance of Beauty”

  1. cynthia Says:

    I love to appreciate the small things. I think that is why I love nature so much. I get lost on my runs because I get sucked into the scenery, I love the scenic drives on the highways…just “ahhhhhh”….I love it all. šŸ™‚

  2. Sharon Says:

    “one wild flower …. many thoughts.”

    Really got me thinking. I appreciate the way you write.
    Which is why I tagged you on my blog!

    Have a really lovely day (night?) while I have fun around your blog!

  3. Faraja Says:

    Mmm, love those moments when God winks at you through His beautiful creation – I’ve been having a few of those in the last few weeks…also to do with flowers.

    I’ve missed reading your blog, got a lot to catch up on! šŸ™‚

  4. ashe.selah Says:

    @Cynthia: Ha! Me too chic! I mainly jog/walk at tracks around the city, and I love to take in the sky, the grass, the trees, the air…beautiful :)!

    @Sharon: Thanks for the love Sharon…have a ball and stay as long as you like *smile*!

    @Faraja!!!: I’ve missed you too, girl! Hope you and the new baby get a chance to catch more and more winks together. Though, you’re probably more into the winks that come with Zzz’s right now *smile*!

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