Twelve What?

July 25, 2008

Wow. A big WOO-HOO for Daughter, who turns 12 today!! Yes, the one on camera at 5 with the wild bush hair doin’ Tina Turner. Yes, the one who said she and I could be roommates when she goes to college (boy was that fun while it lasted lol). What in the world is 12 about?!! She is such a trip…been excited since yesterday…flat-ironed her own hair to wear it loose and flowing for her birthday. OK. I gotta go there….Where was I and what was I doing twelve years ago today…other than worn out after 33 hours of labor, and frustrated cos I couldn’t handle breastfeeding :). She cringes when I reminisce, get nostalgic about the “old days”….so I do it to get on her nerves…”You were thiiiis little” LOL…”ahh Ma, no”.

Reality hit me and hubby pretty hard recently….this chic is gonna be like outta here in five (years)! Ahhhh! Not necessarily gone, but out of kid range….practically grown (see that key word over there…practically) — whatever lol! Man, I might as well get ready, because there are more years behind us now than in front of us as mommy and daddy. We’ll always be who we are, things are just gonna change drastically. Better enjoy every moment….huh? For now, if we can just keep instilling in her…who she is, where she’s going, how to identify the life tests, the importance of choices, how to pick herself up and forgive herself when she misses, that we’ll Love her no matter what, that God Loved her first…..she’ll have a great foundation for the next twelve…minutes, hours, days, weeks, years…. Ashe.Selah


3 Responses to “Twelve What?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Happy (belated) birthday to your daughter. It goes by quickly, huh? My boy turned three today, and it it really hard for me to imagine him as a 12-year-old, but I know it will happen in the blink of an eye.

  2. Jaycee Says:

    Your daughter is gonna have such a good foundation once you’ve instilled those things in a heart…

    Congratulations and happy birthday to your pre-teen! 🙂

  3. ashe.selah Says:

    @Jenn: Thanks girlie…seems like just a blink ago I was where you are…where’d the time go?!

    @Jaycee: Pre-who LOL?! Ahhhhh….this is so happening, girl. Thanks for the love… :)!

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