Taking My Time

July 10, 2008

At least that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Take it. Somehow, my hand lotion’s been switched with almond oil (this is the best stuff, ya’ll). My time has been sliding from my slippery grip all week. Hey, get back here! Do thoughts count? Thoughts of bubble baths, reading a good book at B&N or Starbucks? Missed my blog, man. If I’m not in here everyday or every other day…feels wrong lol. How cool to find a moment to BE….here.

Let’s see…what’s been up other than gas prices, the rent, and juggling irrational senior mgmt decisions? Projects and deadlines have kept me stupid busy. Wish they were writing projects and deadlines. I’ve entered the world of my manuscript maybe once this week. I know…tsk tsk. But at least when I entered, I walked onto pages of a different “section” of the book…leaving behind (for a sec) those chapters on writer’s block lock down. I don’t know why those scene transitions are so challenging. I know where I wanna go, I’ve got the map and coordinates…just haven’t figured out if by plane, train, or automobile…maybe I’m supposed to thumb this thing on foot. We’ll see. For now, I’m gonna poof pow into the next section and see what happens. Try a different approach, angle…ya know?

Oh yeah, me and the fam went to FL last weekend, got stranded with car trouble (no fun), and got the car fix hookup from a friend of the family who just so happened to have a mobile mechanic biz (supernatural fun). So thankful. I don’t know what it is about roadtrips that attract me to classical music. Just put the radio on scan, and somewhere below 100.1FM you’ll find the most beautiful orchestral pieces ever composed. The kids aren’t all the way there yet lol. From the back seat….(son) “headache, Ma, headache!” (he’s so silly lol)….daughter, “who can go to sleep on this stuff”. Meanwhile, hubby and I are just soaking in every violin, french horn…ahhhh! They finally got it (a wittle bit) when I told them, “If you look for beauty, you will find it. If you look for ugly, you’ll find that too!” That truth feels like a post to me *smile*.

Daughter is now a “paid” indie, kid actress. You should see her smile beam…staring at the check from the film (in her name, no less..what’s that about?). Matters not that she’s received more money for a single birthday or at Christmas. A Director signed this check. Nuff said in her book lol.

In a few weeks, I’ll embark upon a new path for my health regimen. Let’s just say this direction gives me so much more peace than what’s currently on the table (more in a future post). Not much pain and very few symptoms over the past week…groovy!

What else…umm, I guess that’s all I have to say right now…pretty boring, all work, no play, huh? Well, that’s cool..work is good, and play happens when I need it to. I think I just needed to come in here…outta there…for a quick min. I like it in here…even if I just come in, ramble for a sec, then dip….bottomline, I took MY time.


6 Responses to “Taking My Time”

  1. loveselfly Says:

    Glad to see you out and about! I hope your new health regime works out for you. How is your health holding up lately? Did you all drive to Florida? You must be in the S. East like yours truly!

    Your kids are a trip, they sound precious and remind me of my brother and I when we were younger…ESPECIALLY when it comes to classical music. I’m a fan now…him, not so much! ha 🙂

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Girl, I had to peek in here and steal a moment. My piece on the project from hell is pretty much complete…woo hoo!

    Yep, we drove. I’m in the A…you too, right? We’re originally from FLA and visit hubby’s folks about twice a year.

    Health is cool, girl…encouraged…I’m so excited about the new regimen..it deserves its own post.

    Let me tell you just how crazy funny my kids are…I actually keep a file on my phone to jot their hilarious interchanges (for their characters in the book)….I couldn’t make some of their stuff up if I tried lol :)!

  3. amzolt Says:

    Great phrase: “stupid busy” !!!

    As far as “writer’s block”, I remember Clarissa Pinkola Estes (who wrote “Women Who Run With the Wolves”) talking on a tape about the Persephone myth and relating it to supposed writer’s block or “creative block”. From her perspective, it doesn’t really exist, it’s just a season of having the energy of the writing become “subterranean” or flow into the unconscious. Worrying about being blocked, she said, can keep the energy locked up, while awareness that it’s flowing in a deeper “river” can bring it back up, when “It’s” ready…

    ~ Alex

  4. ashe.selah Says:

    Alrightie!! I like that, Alex! This gives me a different (and improved) perspective on my creative flow….”when it’s ready.”

    As you may have read, I’m not always the most patient person lol (how’s that for a SOFT description of a place in me needing improvement). And that perspective goes right along with a mindset I’ve been learning to grow/nurture…letting.

    Hey, I hear that’s a great book…gotta add it to my list.

    Peace Alex…thx!

  5. […] bro (woo hoo, son’s first train ride!). Initially, she wanted me to go, but I couldn’t bcos of work…Remember, me and Moms are “dating” right now lol…getting to know each other […]

  6. […] I mentioned after the 4th that I was gonna try a new health regimen. I’m actually on day four today. Decided against massive doses of hormones…ugh….and now I’m taking crisis doses of cell food. Huh? […]

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