If You Say It Long Enough

June 9, 2008

I try not to get sucked in to his addiction. Really I do. Get my pressure up arguing with people who can neither see me nor hear me. Pop a blood vessel trying to get my point across. Hubby doesn’t seem to mind the words hitting the TV tube and bouncing right back to him lol. And even if the commentators on CNN could hear me, would my opinion, my voice change anything lol?

But this particular evening was different. Segment after segment of hubby’s favorite show (no, the channel rarely moves for him, and if it does, it goes right to ESPN…another one of my faves — yeah right!), the question was put on repeat..”How can Senator Obama make amends with women voters?” I guess aggravation sunk in. One of my pet peeves is when people say things over and over and over…OMG, I heard you already lol.

So, I got sucked in. “What do they mean how can he make amends…what has Senator Obama personally said or done to offend women or Hillary?” They had me now…and hubby knew it lol. “He’s been more respectful and gracious than many situations called for…and furthermore, the question assumes that not only is he the cause, but he has the responsibility to fix what he didn’t break (I’ve had a real problem with candidates, in general, having to answer for what other adults think or do….but I digress)…a good majority of these women voters will never truly accept him anyway.” Hubby and I continue our livingroom commentary, and I finally enter my closing remarks (regarding the repeat question and its assumption)….. “Well, if you say it long enough, you’ll believe it!”

Freeze frame. This has been happening alot to me lately. My mouth will say one thing in one context, but my Spirit will hear it and apply it in another…totally unrelated. Almost instantly, my Spirit pulled me to the side and asked, “What have YOU been saying…and saying for sooo long that you believe it?” That still, small voice was gently tugging on me, prodding me to really think about what I think…what I’ve told myself.

For what I’ve said and believed….did I rely on the facts or the Truth? Yep, there is a difference. For example, the facts state there are health challenges I must deal with right now. But the Truth is…I am already healed and whole, living the past of a miracle to come. And so, that’s what I must keep saying…and say consistently till the miracle and I become one in this reality.

Now, for the chick who’s nerves would stand on end for a broken record….it would take an act of God to hit my needle and bump my affirmations off repeat…I am already healed and whole, living the past of a miracle to come…I am already healed and whole, living the past of a miracle to come….I am…:)


4 Responses to “If You Say It Long Enough”

  1. I’m a commentator too…my husband just sits quietly while I go on at the newsanchor…what a wierd spin they are putting on this…yes, now we both need to go repeat the phrase…

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    The bug bit you too, huh Clue lol. Well, here’s to your broken record and mine….Believe :)!

  3. Cynthia Says:

    I can’t watch a lot of politics, lately or read it about in blogs. I get floored, sometimes…and the questions that I often have to ask, like I can speak for Obama, Hilary or women, in general.

    I’m just tired. HA. 🙂

  4. ashe.selah Says:

    Ha! Yeah, I feel ya, girl…it’s a biiiit much :)!

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