The Show Must Go On

June 1, 2008

…even when macaroni and cheese attacks *smile*….huh?

It’s SHOW SEASON in our house again. Nope, not hubby this go ’round. Our singing, acting, and dancing daughter has eleven shows downtown. Tonight was show 5/11…and I’m tellin’ you…every night the entire theatre company (ages 10-24) has been straight killin’…these youths have been puttin’ it down!

So, for the past month, hubby and I have been chauffeurs back and forth to the studio for rehearsals, we’ve made Wendy’s a tiny bit richer with the kids eating on the go, I’ve been the resident, late-night typist for end of school research papers….and daughter’s pulled some 5 hour weeknights and 15 hour weekends in prep. It’s a crazy life test on time management….which I lack sometimes often….trying to think of who needs to be where and when, in a ONE car family. Juggling and ranking homework assignments like…”OK, how many points towards your final grade does this one count?” What? It’s the last 2 weeks of the school year….. 🙂

But who am I kidding…I love this stuff! I feel so blessed to have talented and gifted kids in the Arts…something near and dear to me and hubby…and nearer and dearer to our kids — without force or trying to live through them. I did tell him, though, “If these kids don’t come out singing, and playing some kinda instrument — we’ve brought the wrong babies home!” And what’s so cool is…son just auditioned and joined the company as the new drummer in residence – Woo hoo! He’s been playing since he was 3, and now he gets a chance to fine tune his craft…so thankful.

Now, let’s talk the mark (literally) of a true performer. Whether it’s Beyonce falling down the steps, or Janet and the wardrobe mishap — true performers find a way to suck it up, bounce back, keep it movin’, shake it off…all against some weird odds sometimes. The same (apparently) holds true for daughter, who suffered a water burn the afternoon of show 2 (boo!). The culprit? Macaroni and cheese. She was making some in the microwave, took the bowl out (had an oven mit and everything), but she lost the grip and the scalding water spilled on her arm :(.

She was such a big girl….lordy. Inside, I was a little nervous, but relieved. It was Mama’s first burn, and it was a nasty one, as you can see. These are pics of her war wounds for her productions scrapbook. She even said, “Ma, you should blog about this one.” (we laughed!) We were able to give her a light wrap after soaking the wound in cool water, and she was off like a champ…doing her part to bring the house down as the show went on.

The next day was pure ugly. No pain, but the arm looked awful. We took her to the doc, who prescribed a burn cream and wrapped the area. For now, the blisters have deflated, and we pray there’s no bad scarring…when her skin regenerates, that area will be just like new. Thank you God…so grateful…it really could have been worse.

3 Responses to “The Show Must Go On”

  1. Jewells Says:

    Ouch @ the battle scars. Mac and cheese, huh?

    That’s good to have such gifted and talented kids. Guess you really did bring home the right babies. =)

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Yeah girl, it’s a blessing…I think we’ll keep ’em :)!

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