So, What He Put it There For?

May 18, 2008

From my earliest memories, I was always labeled as a ‘smart’ child. Now, that can be taken a number of different ways lol. And I think little me embodied most if not all of them. Yes, I did very well in school. Excelled in whatever I put my mind to. But I was also a little sassy something…had a comment and an opinion about everything. Got my mouth popped more than I liked, but I got my point across lol! Couldn’t help it…by eight, life had made me a tough, “old soul”, even if no one knew why.

Anyway, this morning in family Bible study, I saw some good smarts in my 11-year-old daughter (she has that sassy thing too sometimes….not as bad as I was, I think). The lesson was about choices and influences, and what better example than Adam, Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

So, hubby is going through the lesson, outlining what God instructed Adam and Eve to do and not to do. We talked about how the serpent entered the scene (“God didn’t say that”), and how they were both ultimately persuaded (Adam by Eve, Eve by the serpent) to eat the fruit. We began offering parallels the kids could learn from in their own lives (peer pressure, making the right choices, etc.), when, my daughter interrupts and says:

“Wait I minute, I don’t get it. If God didn’t want them to eat the fruit off that tree, what He put it there for?”

OK. My first thought? — this girl rocks me! She is thinking, picking this lesson apart…questioning. I love that! In my day, questioning was looked upon as being insubordinate…talkin’ back. I want my kids to be free (within reason…there are boundaries) to question…ask…explore . My next thought? How in the world were we gonna answer this one lol?

Well, here are my heart thoughts on the matter: God honors free-will and choice, and the basic premise of choice is that there is more than 1 option available. Real basic right? So, my daughter’s question, asked another way is…”Why did God make another option available (B), when He wanted them to only choose A?”

This is what I believe. The Maker of the World…Creator of the entire Universe — has something special in common with the humanity He created — HE WANTS TO BE WANTED. Imagine for a sec…the feeling of someone “loving” you because they didn’t have a choice not to. {Let’s let that simmer a bit}……Could you really trust that love, their heart, their intent? Would that make you feel happy happy joy joy? Now. Imagine. Allll the people in the world….all the relationships and connections that have gone before, and someone says, “I want to Love YOU!….I choose YOU!” Can your heart feel the difference?

God could have easily FORCED Adam and Eve to choose fruit from every other tree, by not offering any other alternative. Just like He could have installed a pull-cord in our backs, jump-starting the words, “I choose You, God!”. BUT, He’d rather be chosen from a conscious decision.  Me? I’ve entertained, sought after, and HAD other alternatives….but nothing compares to you, Father. You are my choice!

Well, the fab thing is, God is a contingency planner. He knew some most of us, like Adam and Eve, wouldn’t get it on the first try (spotlight on your’s truly lol). And though our choices carry consequences, they are still supported by His unconditional Love for us.

By the end of the study, the real teacher turned to the student and said, “That was a good answer, Mama.” lol 🙂


4 Responses to “So, What He Put it There For?”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    That was too precious. I, too was classified a “smart” child. In all meanings of the world. I plan to be like you, I want my kids to question things but have boundaries. Kids catch on to things more than we realize maybe because their views aren’t as skewed as adults.

    I remember asking my father that question. He said something similar. That Adam and Eve had a choice because we had free will. He didn’t want to forsake us that because we were made to have our own thoughts and thinking not for him to control us.

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Funny, Cynthia..and you’re right. The untainted imagination of a child is really powerful..there’s something sooo precious and strong about innocence pursuing knowledge :)!

  3. orneryswife Says:

    Great response to a very thoughtful question. I am sure I wouldn’t have thought to question at that age, and really am only now beginning to question some of the traditions I was taught in my early religious education. I enjoyed this story and appreciate that you are training your family in such a wonderful way. Blessings to you!

  4. ashe.selah Says:

    Ahh, thanks TM for the kind words! As you know, Mother is one of the toughest, but most rewarding titles a Woman can wear….glad you enjoyed this. Bless!

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