Music to Write by

May 16, 2008

Not all words are words to live by. Similarly, not all music is music to write by.

My preferred method of writing (when at home) is to the tune of total silence. With 2 kiddos and a hubby addicted to CNN, you can imagine I don’t visit that perfect world too often. I’m usually tinkering away at the Starbucks around the corner, or squeezing in a sentence or two at night after the kids go to bed.

Today, I’m in a perfect world. The house is empty, and there’s nothing but the hum of the A/C unit and the cat’s meow to keep me company — PRICELESS! However, I decided to switch things up a little and try some writing-mood music. Hmmm….Something soft, soul-inspiring, but won’t tempt me to sing along. I hear it, but I don’t hear it — feel me?

If you’re ever looking for music that fits this bill, give Enya a try!

OMG’sh I’ve always loved her angelic voice, never knowing who she was…voice with a name…until this year. See, she’s the voice behind my fave songs on The Lord of the Rings and Gladiator soundtracks (click those links for a listen ~ goosebump heavenly).

Hubby teases me all the time, when I’m not writing and pumping Enya through the house. How in the world did a chic from the ‘hood fall in love with Celtic music LOL! Hey, don’t hate cos I’m a renaissance woman *smile*. Sure, they weren’t offering Gaelic as a second language in my high school, but let’s face it, some music you feel with your soul…not your intellect.

Here’s one of my many faves of Enya, entitled (appropriately) Book of Days. My favorite lyrics in this song?…… “One day, one night, one moment my dreams could be tomorrow…… No day, no night, no moment can hold me back from trying…..” Njoy with me :).


12 Responses to “Music to Write by”

  1. Ecstatic Says:

    Its perfect. I don’t know much about things that are perfect in this world but its really nice. Thanks for offering me such a soothing track. How did you know i was looking for this? :>
    Well, Ermmm and i liked the way you wrote about that one day, calm, loneliness and Your ownself. Thats Wow!
    I think I’ll have to read all of your posts :>

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Hey there Ecstatic..welcome! So, you got the goosebumps too, huh lol? Glad to share music worth sharing. I’ll be stopping by your spot in a sec too…happy writing :)!

  3. Faraja Says:

    I “heart” Enya! My hubby also used to tease me about my love for her music…but I had my British blood as my defense (am mixed – mum is white, originally from England so that’s as close to Celtic as I get *lol*) But now and now he loves it too.

    That track from Gladiator is one of my favorites – goosebump moment indeed!!

    So nice to know we have something else in common. I’m loving this discovery of like minded people in blogland 🙂

  4. Ecstatic Says:

    Lol. Yuppy. I got the goosebumps. I always do on such things :>
    The song is in my favorites now. Lyrics were just awesome. Very inspirational.Every word it sang, it probably sang for me. And it also brought me a good set of moods. eventhough i don’t have two kids and a partner, but i still needed this(to fulfill some formalities of being a human being)

    Well…about your comment, you don’t need to give me an intro of Santiago. We know each other :> and we know very well

  5. ashe.selah Says:

    @Faraja: How cool, girlie! Yeah, that Gladiator tune is one for the ages…I’m a Hans Zimmer fanatic…pretty much everything he scores is a winner.

    I’m sure we’ll keep reading each other and find more golden nuggets we share, my INFJ sis *smile*!

    @Ecstatic: I feel the same way, man….music and lyrics written just for me. Sooooo, that was no coincidence with you and Santiago lol?…I could tell. His story is one of my all-time faves too. The Alchemist is a true classic.

  6. Ecstatic Says:

    I don’t know why I think that Paulo was trying to write Haroon instead of Santiago..and Fairy instead of Fatima :>
    That book is so true and it surprises me when i find a philosophy…a lesson in every line, every paragraph and every chapter. The fusion of the differences makes a whole new philosophy. Paulo is something.. and btw you can proceed to the thread on my account.. I dont have any problem.. Really! beleive me lol

  7. Ecstatic Says:

    The book of tracks is one of a few songs, which are so simple and yet so effective. know Big Big World? by emilia?
    I’m mostly into trance and tiesto but this one… I liked it :>

  8. cynthia Says:

    I think it depends on what I’m blogging about, what I listen too. I like Enya too (but coming from my background it’s not that surprising!).

    It ranges from hood music to classical. My topics influence my mood.
    You never know, I might throw in the Beatles or something. I drive my family crazy!

    Oh well! 🙂

  9. ashe.selah Says:

    Interesting, Cynthia. Most times my mood (or desired mood) influences my topics…or which section of the book I want to work on.

    Kinda takes me back to the notion that humanity is One. Think about it…out of all of our many ‘moods’, someone has written music that compliments it beautifully….whether they were in the same mood or not.

    Rock whatcha need, girl. I dig those Beatles too :)!

  10. Ecstatic Says:

    So true!
    True observer. Have you noticed that how music takes you back to Some old gold days? In my case, every song has special relation. When I’m into the song, I’m into that part of my life where the song had affected me more than every. The best of the feelings..
    and Are you a professional writer? You write very well :>

  11. ashe.selah Says:

    Ha!…not at all, Ecstatic, but I can always aspire, apply myself and grow! But thank you for that kind question lol! My blog is my training wheels as I learn to ride my new passion for writing…

  12. Ecstatic Says:

    Laughs.. Okay! That’s nice. Same with me. I’m trying to act like a writer. Fictional one.
    I’ll post a lot of things very soon.
    tell me if somethings missing.

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