Gots Me a Editer!

May 4, 2008

And from the look of that title, it’s probably not a moment too soon :).

I love when nice things happen, and you’re not even looking for it. Okay, so where do I begin with this one?

Hubby and I attended our dear friend’s beach wedding this past weekend. A beyond beautiful affair for a very deserving couple. I was under the weather, but the weather that mattered was perfecto…yes, it was warm, but not unbearable, ya know? She’d been praying for lovely weather for over a year *smile*, and God did not disappoint. There were even seagulls that flew overhead on ‘accidental’ cue during the ceremony (though I actually had to keep it together when the lady behind me said, “Oh look at the doves….did they plan that? LOL I digress.) Since we had just celebrated our anniversary days earlier, the timing was perfect for a little beach getaway to celebrate…what else…LOVE!

OK…so what’s up with this editor business? Well, I’d been researching off and on for an editor for the book…checking credentials, pricing, etc. The bride told me weeks before that a mutual friend has a publishing company and offers editing services. Cool, gotta check her out. Coming back from one of my many trips to the ladies room, who do I find hubby chatting with…about my book? C’mon…guess lol — the friend {let’s call her Dee} and her husband.

So all four of us begin chatting….doesn’t take long for Dee and I to veer off and let the hubbies chat about politics and such. She tells me how they have a new release being published next (this) week, how much she enjoys editing, heard about my book. I then begin to give her a brief synopsis….”facing childhood trauma through grown-up eyes…a God, the church, hope, healing, forgiveness meets sex, violence, murder, betrayal, whodunit, psychological thriller…”

Long story short, by the time we finished sharing some of our life experiences, she offered to edit my book for FREE…just excited about its birth and the lives it will touch…including hers.

So, I’m grateful for this connection right now, wherever it’s purposed to go and for how ever long. I asked God for signs along this book journey…is writing this book really in YOUR plans for me?…I don’t want ME or ambition to be anywhere in this (esp. when the content is almost sure to cause a family uproar, fiction or not…I could really save the drama/energy). But, free editing (I graciously declined…I have to give her something) and to see how my content affected her…wow, such a great motivator. Looking forward to iron sharpening iron, and of course, the cheers!….Everyone needs encouragement, I sure do.


7 Responses to “Gots Me a Editer!”

  1. Congratulations! Isn’t it something when God moves. Enjoy the process and preparation. It’s like giving birth! 😉

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Hey Believer! Thanks for the cheer lady. Never thought I’d experience another ‘process’ that’s almost as challenging as 33 hours of labor…well, almost lol :)!

  3. Faraja Says:

    That’s great news! So happy for you. Will definitely be cheering you on in this corner – count my prayers right behind you on this one. And you know I’ll want to read it when it’s published right? 🙂

  4. ashe.selah Says:

    That means sooo much, Faraja! Thank you. This blog IS the journey, and I hope to send all my fave & faithful blog cheer-readers a signed copy. U all can share one with a friend….grateful for you :)!

  5. Jewells Says:

    Oh, wow! That is some good stuff right there. Much congrats. Looking forward to reading your work! =)

  6. ashe.selah Says:

    Thanks Jewells…that really keeps me pushin’ :)!

  7. […] book (but I can’t), it’s too big for me to birth. Too much. Then I remember sign after sign….big and small confirming this is my […]

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