God Can Do Anything

April 22, 2008

Well, it’s that time of (school) year again. The time when teachers and administrators place extra emphasis on a good night’s rest, a balanced breakfast, getting to school on time — pretty much the routine to follow all year. But yeah, the next two weeks are crucial for the kids. It’s called standardized testing…and test of choice here in GA is the CRCT.

Sidenote: Just now, when I typed those four letters, I remembered last year’s testing season. Remember all the challenges my son had with his grades and 3rd grade teacher? Remember how she arranged for him to have an early seat in summer school, cos she just knew he wasn’t going to pass the CRCT. God really showed himself faithful to my baby…so grateful! I’ll have to remind sweety of His goodness when he gets home today.

Ok. I digress.

So, to kick off testing, I promise the kids I’ll make a special breakfast for the first day…break the monotony of cereal, waffles, and oatmeal. Now, you have to understand, early mornings are usually hubby’s lane, since Mr. PTA prez sets out the cones in the morning at the school, etc. Ya girl, who often works from home, is usually in the bed, or I rustle around just enough to check on my girl…at 11 she handles her business, but being extra creative like her folks, some hair styles are for Saturday morning fun…and not all of my silk scarves work/match as a belt :). I celebrate and encourage individuality, but I still steer her clear from distractions or being a distraction. (I digressed again, didn’t I?)

Well, this morning was pancake time! I love my children…it’s the little things that rock their socks! My daughter, with her crazy self, even offered to give me a hair net for the occasion (ok…so now I’m the lunchroom lady lol…very funny).

While I’m in the kitchen flipping flapjacks, I catch hubby in the corner of my eye — just watching me. Women’s intuition (and years of experience with this dude lol) tells me exactly what he’s thinking, without hearing a word. But when he did open his mouth…let’s just say I wouldn’t have put it so eloquently (*smile* yeah right).

“God can do anything, guys! Ya’ll Mama is up at 6 in the morning cookin’ breakfast!” Ha ha. Of course, this was the funny, kids version of his sentiment. But he expressed directly to me, “You’re coming back.”

Folks, I’ll probably never truly understand what he witnessed of me with his own eyes in the past few years. It’s been so long since I’ve had the energy to do alot of the things I can now. I remember days I couldn’t climb out of bed to bathe or brush my teeth, not alone turn the covers loose to cook breakfast for the kids. When most days I could only speak and create strength with my words, now I’m really feeling my strength and balance return…I’m beginning to walk in a pattern of victory from all my past crap. And you know what? It’s a great feeling! I’m soo thankful and grateful to God, people. You have no idea.

I’m a believer that God can do anything, but this — FAIL! Give Him a try right now…whatever it is — He’s not scared, neither will He shortchange you. Wait patiently for Him if you have to. His promise? You will not be disappointed or put to shame. Ashe.Selah


3 Responses to “God Can Do Anything”

  1. orneryswife Says:

    What an awesome post. You are right, He won’t disappoint or put you to shame. Blessings!

  2. […] know good and well I now have to get the kids up, keep them on task, and take them to school…used to be hubby’s lane, and I slept in.  Now, when we’re leaving, he’s coming home.  Oh well, you adjust […]

  3. […] Right now, the department of concern is Education.  Report card season always makes me nervous.  It has since I was an overachieving kid, always shooting for an A (who in their right mind just wants to be ‘good’? lol) .  I guess I feel that their grades are not only their’s, but ours.  Our grades on how well we worked with them on homework, how well we kept a pulse on their class, tests, teachers….how well we assessed their needs, and provided tools necessary for success.  So, when I got the heads up from Son’s teacher about the sixth letter of the alphabet, of course my mommyness suffered a deep body blow.  It was already a tad fragile. […]

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