Kid Pressure

April 7, 2008

A kid’s tongue is just like a match.  A little something that can start something big.  Saturated with combustible honesty, it’ll rub against you just the right (or wrong?) way…depending on how ya look at it.  Light a fire under you long before you have a chance to ask, “Do you smell smoke?” lol

Take my son, for instance. This little guy can find the humor in a head of lettuce…no joke.  So, we’re having homework time, I’m checking his Math, and my boy is doing a great job…he’s catching re-do’s.  Being the supportive Mom I am, I open my hand resting on my thigh and he immediately gives me a “five”.  Now what happens next just about starts a riot in the house. 

All of a sudden, he starts laughing uncontrollably.  “Ooh, look!”  He gives me another “five”, and gets his belly laugh on.  Calling his sister over to chime in, “you see that?!…Watch!”  He slaps my hand again.  By this time, my hubby and I are laughing at him and his sister cracking up.  Apparently, she got the joke long before hubby and I did. 

“Look at it…it looks like a jelly bubble!!” 

OK, folks.  The joke stops here.  No more hee hee ha ha.  Yeah, I’m keeping off the 30 lbs I lost last year, but a sister has yet to tighten up the flab loose skin in some spots.  There.  I said it LOL!  When I figured out they were laughing at my thighs (hitting my hand resting on one made the other jiggle….just a little bit lol), all I could do was laugh with them at the entire scene.  Hubby laughed a little bit too hard…if you ask me. 

Needless to say, the very next day, I was at the track…working the laps lol!  How could I let a little thing like a kid’s tongue…teasing…belly laughs….incite (or ignite) me to action.  But I did….guess it was just the right amount of friction I needed to light my fire *smile*. 

Well, I guess he could’ve said worse.  My friend’s 4-year old put it on him bad — “Daddy, your teeth are yellow!”  I think he has about another week left with those dental bleach trays LOL!


3 Responses to “Kid Pressure”

  1. aj Says:

    LOL – wonderful post. Kids are brutally honest. I remember several times when my kids spoke the truth and cracked my face. They can get away with saying all sorts of “truths” to us. LOL

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Girl!…I’m talking cracked — and on the ground LOL! Gotta luv ’em :).

  3. Faraja Says:

    LOL!!! Yep, I’ve had some moments too when my kids ‘delightful honesty’ ignited my fire 🙂

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