Worse Sight

April 3, 2008

see_worse.jpgSometimes when we’re faced with difficult situations…we thought things would go right – but they went left, we found ourselves blind-sided…maybe not by the 0% chance, but by the realization that that “one” in 1,000,000 would be you lol. It’s during these moments, minutes, hours, days (you get the picture) that sometimes we feel it. Resistance to the Truth. Truth that seeks to pull us away from disappointment’s grip, and agitate us back to a state of thanksgiving. Truth that says, “You know, things could always be worse!”

Many of us, myself front and center, may respond, “Hmm, but I don’t see how.” Really? Let’s think about that for a minute. You don’t see how…can’t see how…or you don’t want to see how?

I heard a true story this week about a homeless woman and a good Samaritan. To paraphrase…The woman is a regular beggar in the area. One day, the good Samaritan sees her ahead (had already helped her on a separate occasion), and vows not to give her another dime – no matter how hard she smiles. As fate would have it, when he passed by, she smiled and spoke to him. Cutting her off in mid-sentence, he almost got away. But her smile and words persisted, “I just wanted to give you a dollar, you’d helped me out before.” Embarrassed, he declined the crumpled bill, but got a chance to hear her story….how she was a college graduate with physical and mental issues due to being severely beaten by her husband. When asked why she smiles, she says, “Things could always be worse.” She then went on to explain how there are women who refuse to leave their homes, for fear of being killed by their husbands. But even though she was homeless, she was blessed and free.

If we would take an honest look at our situations (c’mon, remove your hands from your eyes…it’s ok), with a grateful heart of thanksgiving, we’d see it — all the “worse” we were spared from experiencing. All of the could’ve happeneds that didn’t. Maybe even some of the should’ve happenends that never did.

I tried it today. When a certain disappointment knocked on my heart’s door, I welcomed it with thanksgiving to God…for alllll the “worse” that did not come with it…and for those who have seen worse, and have made it through. The same happy ending is available for me and you.

While having “worse” sight won’t heal that concussion you feel, cork those tears, or re-seal a broken heart instantaneously, it is a delicate fabric to wrap our hearts and minds in as we sharpen our focus on what really matters.

Try it for yourself! It’s pretty hard to be disappointed AND grateful at the same time. May the best emotion win! Ashe.Selah


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