Sprung for Spring

March 28, 2008


Everything old…is new again!

Dontcha just love the spring time?! The cold frost retreats. Flowers return to their beautiful bloom. Leaves fade to green. Time to pull out those cute tanks and flip flops you’ve been waiting to wear. (Uh oh, don’t forget that spring time pedicure… winter can be a bear on the feet *smile*).

Spring has to be my favorite season of the year. And as you can see, I’m even a worse sucker for tulips….ahhh!. Sure, roses are pretty cool, but it’s just something about the soft, yet vibrant beauty of a tulip. On my way to the office this week, I snapped this cell pic from my car window (hold your horses cars behind me…I’m having a moment with nature lol).

So, what do you have planned for Spring? Did you know a season of “Spring” is not just for the birds, the flowers, the trees. There’s a promise of refreshing, of renewal for all of us…if we decide to just go ahead and enjoy it. Release our grip on the winters in our lives, and embrace the warmth of a new Sun. Let every place that feels dry and freezer-burned thaw under Spring showers of blessings. I’ve gotta few of those places, you?

The blessing of Spring is this ~ if God takes pleasure in dressing Creation in beautiful, colorful garments, if He supplies food and takes care of the animals, if He sends just the right amount of rain in the right place at the right time…..How much more will He take care of the children He loves. This may be hard to believe, but YES, I’m worth much more than the tulip lol, and so are you!

So, cheers to the season of Spring and all the personal wonders, beauty, and blessings it holds for us all. Ashe.Selah


4 Responses to “Sprung for Spring”

  1. orneryswife Says:

    I just noticed this morning that first of my tulips is open. The daffodils have already faded, but the little violas are going great guns. I am with you, I love me some spring!

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    How cool TM! I’ve always wanted a garden in bloom. For now, I’m sticking with the bamboo and water lol….us “brown” thumb people are some special folk *smile*!

  3. hangelbel Says:

    I love to look at flowers. Those flowers are really nice.

  4. […] “I brake for beauty in nature.” It would probably help others understand either why my passenger-side window is rolled down and I’m leaning over with the cell phone, or why I’m squatting outside of a running car with the door open lol (I’ve got to get […]

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