Oasis in the Desert – No Apologies!

March 26, 2008

pool.jpgFolks, after my recent weekend getaway, I’m even more convinced now — it IS the little things that can make the biggest difference.

I’d been planning this trip for two years. Well, not this exact trip, but a getaway for I, Myself, and Me…just to get a break from life, (death?), process…to step out of the refining flames for a minute, ya know? Having had soo many last minute “mishaps” before (it just wasn’t time…the Caribbean would have to wait), I told myself I wasn’t going to get excited until the plane was in the air lol! To my relief, it was time…perfect time.

lakelventrance.jpgRight there. An oasis in the desert. A little thing like breathing air in another city was all I needed to start feeling….different. A good different. Sure, I’d been there before, to visit Dad when he lived there, enjoyed Caesar’s Palace and the Strip. But whoda thunk in Vegas there would be this Paradise of Refreshing for me…far removed from the glittery lights and slot machines of “Sin City” lol. And to top it all off, I’d get to hang with one of my college roomies, a sistah girl for life, and catch up on ev-er-y-thing lol. People, these are the ingredients of the ultimate getaway….Way super cool!

mall-vegas.jpgSo, what did we do? REST, talk, laugh, eat, cry, SLEEP, REST, and repeat for the first couple of days. The theme of our stay?…”No Apologies!” Funny….as wives and mamas, sometimes it’s a challenge to lay in bed past 7am, not double-check a to-do list, not hear anyone calling your name, have precisely no where to go and not feel a tad…strange. For this trip, we did all that and more with zero apologies….we earned every moment of relaxation and do-me-ness :-).

spa-treatment-room.jpgAlong with my luggage, I knew I’d packed away some knots in my neck and back lol. The Spa Moulay‘s Moroccan Mint massage, body wrap, and hot steam shower was exactly the heavenly experience I needed to release the kinks. And my masseuse, Ms. Kwang, was an absolute doll! Massaging my arms she said, “Lot of computer” (your body will tell on you lol) and gave me reflexology techniques to ward off carpal tunnel (Grab that big toe, bloggers, relieve the pressure in your neck *smile*).

We decided to cut the bummin’ loose for an evening, and caught the show Stomp Out Loud, a high-energy production that uses percussion, movement, audience involvement…Wow, I’ve never heard such beautiful (and funky) rhythms like this before…not produced with garbage cans, brooms, lighters, sand…Man, you name it, those performers will make music with it. Two thumbs up!

Now, it would be worse than highway robbery if me and my girl hooked up and we didn’t spend time with God…if only to invite him into our convo…brag on His absolute greatness, ya know? I was able to share some things with her, and her unconditional LOVE and understanding for me never missed a beat…and I for her (as an only child, I totally adore God for the two sisters from college He gave me). God wouldn’t miss this opportunity to give us (mainly me) a divine takeaway.

Divine Takeaway. “Look at you! Look how far you’ve come. No, you’re not the same woman you used to be. But. I am the same God! What have you learned so far on this journey? Do any patterns stick out to you? Mmmhmm yeah, that one. The futile search for rescue, answers, saving, guidance in your own strength and by the hands of others. Sure, you’re a pretty resourceful woman…self-sustaining…independent. But as your healing nears completion, I want you to fully get it. There is no other person, place, or thing for you to run to, for I and only I am able to save you…to bring you to the expected end I’ve purposed for you. No one else can ease the pain, make it better, rescue you from the fire, heal your physical body — but Me. And I will! But I need you to check your focus. Life has been all about you. You’ve got the book on lock, music on lock, you seek ways to make you better. That’s cool – in balance. But it has left very little time for you just to Love Me..spend time with Me…give Me your undivided attention. Not for healing, but just because — I am. So, let’s step it up a notch…give Me more of you…focus on Loving Me, and I’ll finish what I started — and it will be Good! I’ll give you what to write in the book. I’ll perfect your testimony…so you will not simply deliver “words”, but POWER. Place your focus on Me, in Me during these final laps, and experience the miracles I will do in you and for you.” ~Father God

So friends, I’ve come back with a homework assignment — Quality time with God. I’m close to total Freedom, and have no intention of going backwards. Yet, even upon my return, things have gotten super crazy interesting (that’s putting it lightly…I got jokes lol)…which I knew they would (praying so hard on the plane home, just didn’t know how or what. God’s got that too!)

All in all, I’m beyond grateful for my getaway…for every provision (from hubby handling the kids to the funds that made it happen). Hope there’s more where this came from :-)! Ashe.Selah

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  1. disgodkidd Says:

    *deep sigh*

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