Wrinkled Notes

March 17, 2008

i stumbled upon
a wad of wrinkled notes
having come full circle
to where I threw the song away
years before.

i didn’t give the tune a name.
not a name
as if i wrote it
but a name
by which i’d reference it
should what’s its name
cross my path again.

it did.
and now
i’m having
second thoughts.

after so long a time
either dancing to the silence
or singing off key
to the song meant for another
i could not resist the possibility
of untangling a beautiful melody
whose soul purpose in life
it could not fulfill — not
without living within me.

yes, i’m ready to feel you again.
can we start from the top?

we did
and i cried.
not tears
as if the song
broke my mask like before
but tears
rolling down cheeks that smile
i’m not back there

the beauty
of untangled notes is
hearing the music again
for the first time
with my true essence
off mute.

play it loud!
this is me
and these were
once upon a time
my wrinkled notes.

Copyright © 2008 AsheSelah.com. All rights reserved.


One Response to “Wrinkled Notes”

  1. Rootzpoet Says:

    Brilliant Work. I am sorry I stayed away so long . I see what I have been missing, my friend. Loving the poetry all over again

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