Do You Hear That?

March 16, 2008

cabbage.jpgFolks, there are some things in life you may be curious about…you wonder how or why, but in actuality, your thoughts are simply a rhetorical question. You REALLY don’t want to know the answer. Not up close and personal.

Why does everyone say a tornado sounds like a freight train? How is that possible? Well, on Friday night before 10pm, nature answered my rhetorical question.

Being a FLA girl and a Georgia peach, I’ve experienced about five (5) named hurricanes in my lifetime so far. Even Hurricane David as a little girl…pinned up in a 3′ wide hallway on a mattress with Mom, my brother, the radio, and a kerosene lamp.

But nothing compares to “hearing” a tornado, I can now say, after experiencing my first last Friday.

So, my daughter and I had just started movie night, popped popcorn, and hubby comes running from the basement saying, “Everybody get to the hallway!” Of course, being comfy and munching on PopSecret, I looked at him like “what the?” See, he’s known in these parts for clowning and joking. But the longer I looked at his face, the more I knew something was up.

We started closing bedroom doors, got the kids in the hallway (crazy people, you’re supposed to go to the basement!…so green lol), and that’s when I heard it. I asked hubby, “Do you hear that?” Within a minute, the lights in the house started to flicker, then everything faded to black as the sounds of a hovering aircraft seemed to sit on top of the house.

We talked with Mom on the west side of town via cell. She still had power, the News, etc. By 11p, Mom said another cell was on its way. This time, we headed for the basement (now you’re thinking people lol), and waited things out till the drama passed. If you’ve ever seen War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise/Steven Spielberg), you can imagine how we felt in that basement with flashlights, hearing the commotion all around us.

lofts.jpgThe pics here are about five streets over from us. So grateful to God that we escaped with zero damage/harm. What a blessing all the way around, as things here in the A could have been much worse. Wow, life is full of firsts…thanks Father for keeping us safe through our first tornado!

[Check out Kory Pryor’s album for more pics]


3 Responses to “Do You Hear That?”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    wow. thank God you all are safe

  2. garry Says:

    …sure glad that no lives were lost,
    and that you lived to tell the story
    (give your testimony)

  3. ashe.selah Says:

    Thx bros! Danger seen and unseen….God’s got it all covered :)!

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