Do You Think I’m Beautiful?

March 5, 2008

Those were the exact words that followed the long, monotone “Ma”. I guess the words came out too girlie…or maybe too honest. He immediately retracted them and said, “…I mean handsome?” lol!

My son, 10, is a beautiful…{ahem}, handsome young man. I tell/tease him this all the time, but looking into my full-length mirror before shower time….I guess he just needed me to say it again….test whether I’d swing my vote, or remain loyal to his party (yep, too much CNN Election coverage for me today lol).

Almost immediately, my Mama radar went off and sensed that this was an opportunity for a quick, didactic moment. Ever have those moments, Moms, where to let it go would just be a crime? lol.

“Do YOU think you’re handsome?”
Looking into the mirror at me sitting behind him, “Yes.”
“Well baby, that carries more weight than anything Mama could tell YOU about how YOU look. How you see yourself is how others will see you.”

Wow….how true that statement is, even if you have to add the clause ” — eventually.” People will generally see, relate, treat, respond to you how you view yourself. Funny how these moments often turn into the teacher becoming the student.

What in the world is that? Does our idea of self-worth…how we value or de-value ourselves…give off a certain pheromone triggering another’s action, attitude, or response to our core thoughts? Hmm…

I believe the way we love ourselves can be the most effective teacher to those who want to love us. Said another way, “Show the world, by personal example, how to love you.”  Kinda makes you think…the times we may feel mistreated by loved ones….were they taking their cue from us?

With so many voices in our kids’ ears these days…so much pressure on the left and right…I pray my words, actions, and LOVE will drown out the negativity, and plant seeds of self-love and worth that they will one day learn to nurture on their own. Ashe.Selah


One Response to “Do You Think I’m Beautiful?”

  1. good one! Its important for kids to learn self worth really early.

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