Understanding is Underrated

February 21, 2008

yorkpatty-lge.jpgIt’s one of those one hundred ways James sang about. Hidden neatly somewhere between way 68 and 96 (I just picked those numbers…dunno why lol). Or maybe it’s suffocating under way 100, and there were really 101 ways after all.

Understanding. Given freely and liberally…without waiting in long lines exhausted from trying to explain. Heaping helpings served on a bed of acceptance, and sprinkled with a dash of laughter (some stuff, all you can do is laugh, right?).

Understanding = Priceless!

If you’re anything like me, and I still believe we’re all one….maybe you too overlooked how special this expression of Love is. I did, until I realized just how complex I am….(hold all applause til the end please lol!). Or maybe you really understood the significance of Understanding during those quirky moments…when you couldn’t even understand yourself…let alone get in the line to even try to explain.

Over the past few years, I have come to appreciate this beautiful gesture called Understanding, and in many ways right now, I prefer it to any number of tangible gifts.

Ever experience it? I mean, really experience the gift of genuine Understanding? You were sharing yourself with someone, had taken all of Truth’s clothes off lol, and without any awkward moments or wrinkled brows — they got you! Fully understood without judgment or criticism. Even when it came out all goofy or broken up…they were able to piece the gist and roll with you? Mmm…felt like biting into a York Peppermint Patty didn’t it?! At the risk of sounding like a cliche’, it IS a gift that keeps on giving. I’m still savoring this gift from a friend given to me weeks ago.

This gift is not to be confused with the gift of Forgiveness. Some things we share with others may never be “accepted” OR “understood”, but forgiven? Sure. (That’s a whole ‘nother post…just wanted to hit on that for a sec).

My Daddy would always ask (making us think and answer our own questions), “But how do you perpetuate the gift?” Any gift…from God or each other….all gifts are seeds! Hmm. I desire to sow Understanding, nurture it, and gift it to others. Encouraging others to do the same, the cycle will never end, and the gift will return to us when we need it most (or when we least expect to receive it).

There are many expressions of Love to do this with…Each one, pick one — or two, or 101 🙂 . Ashe.Selah


5 Responses to “Understanding is Underrated”

  1. orneryswife Says:

    The “random” button on Christian Women Online brought me here today. This is a beautiful post, and so true. I wrote today about friendship, but I think you stated the underlying theme of what I was trying to say much more succinctly than I did! TM

  2. garry Says:

    Yes,where would we be without Understanding.Next to listening,
    I would say that Understanding is a close second.Over the years,
    I’ve found myself listening to people more closely.Why? In order
    to get a better Understanding.
    As I said in a post on[ http://garryblanson.com ]Jan. 28th
    We always have to be on the look-out of Understanding’s evil
    rival,” Misinterpretation.”

    – also the Bible says; it is great to get knowledge,but in all
    your getting;be sure you get a good Understanding!

    – garry b

  3. ashe.selah Says:

    @TM: Hey there TM, and a warm welcome to ya! I have found some jewel blogs myself with that button lol (like yours)…will be by soon to share more…

    @Garry: Ahhh!…ur hot on the trail to my next post — Listening! It’s great to see minds thinking alike…pursuing those ingredients that make relating with each other easier and so much more rewarding. Glad u stopped by :)!

  4. […] that me in the last post? Admitting my complexities and my need to shed every cover-up? Yeah, man, that was me.  Know […]

  5. […] greatness, ya know? I was able to share some things with her, and her unconditional LOVE and understanding for me never missed a beat…and I for her (as an only child, I totally adore God for the two […]

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