Keep Her Warm

February 14, 2008

Love gets no love…by human standards. She clocked in long before Time was old enough to tell time. And up to this very moment…..Not a single coffee break. No vacation. No sabbatical. No holiday!

But neither would she ever ask for one. The thought of stopping everything and putting her feet up never crosses her mind.

Just like all of us on this planet…Love loves doing what she does best. This is all she needs and wants — To be GIVEN away…to be shared liberally from heart to heart.

She prefers flying first class on acts of kindness, rather than being stuck in coach between Flattering Words and Fruitless Intentions.

Can you feel her? She gets butterflies in her belly just before the one who receives her opens wide. She can hardly contain herself before the sweet impact. Neither can I.

Love never grows weary. She never fails. Love is the most perfect energy flowing in God’s creation. She and God are One. And I want to keep her happy. Don’t you?

Then fan the flames! There are many places in our world that’s putting a chill on Love. Take a glimpse at our families, relationships, how we treat the less fortunate, how we ignore suffering and violence. It makes me wonder if Love is frozen stiff in some hearts, or had she ever lived there at all?

Well, if I’m going to do my part in keeping Love gainfully employed, especially during this season of emotional recession, I’ve got to stay in school.

Creator, it’s me, it’s me…Teach me how to Love! It may be impossible to totally contain her, but she can contain me. Help me to keep my passion burning to get her…to understand her…to share her with a pure heart. This is my gift to myself and the world…to keep her warm. Ashe.Selah


One Response to “Keep Her Warm”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    beautiful…your way with words…

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