Ma…Gotta New Blog!

February 13, 2008

Don’t be belligerent.
Be diligent.
When you are intelligent,
Your education is relevant.

Don’t always try to fight the pain with fists. But fight the pain with determination and positivity. Use your knowledge to make your education much easier. When you set your goals, and apply it to your life, your opportunities will fall in place.

~Daughter, 11

She came home from school, and ran straight to my desk (my home within the home). “I gotta new blog for you, Ma…this is gonna be tight!” The excitement on her face spoke volumes without her words. But who could resist her words. Eloquently spoken and emphasized with the clap of the hands at the end of each stanza lol. Baby girl was feeling this thing.

I sat there in amazement, witnessing the bloom of something so awesome — a passion for creative expression through words. I thought for a moment….Could it be? Am I raising a mini-Me lol?

Well, yeah…but not exactly. Our children are fearfully and wonderfully made. But I like to think that…the wonderfulness of Creator God is divinely progressive. The finest wines take their cue from Him, getting better, sweeter, finer, more wonderful with time. He’s more awesome today than He was to me yesterday.

Yes, God put some wonderful stuff in me and hubby. But I can already see that what my babies have at 10 and 11…wow, they are farther along than we were in gifts….even purpose.

My daughter was listening to one of my new songs one day and said, “Man, how can I beat that?” She loves the tune. I told her don’t worry about “beating” me, just give your life YOUR best. She replied, “But you and Daddy always say we’re gonna do better than you guys.” I assured her that she already does, she has more to work with than we had as kids, and I reminded her of all the things she can do now that we didn’t learn until later in our young lives.

So, mini-Me new and improved lol?. Yeah, I’ll toast to that.  What a blessing!

Father, you’ve given us an awesome responsibility — to guide and witness your divine progression in the lives of our children, who only want to make us proud. Parents are your children…we want to make You proud too! Ashe.Selah


2 Responses to “Ma…Gotta New Blog!”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    glad u back…i know the feeling…it is well…

  2. […] it just hit her, and I get this wide-eyed “ooh, Ma, I got a good one for you!” LOL.  You know the drill.  I can’t even remember what we were talking about.  All I know is…when little […]

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