An Instance of Love

January 26, 2008

Snow in Atlanta Jan 2008Hey. As much as I need to rest from the funeral yesterday, I’m here. Writing. Can’t help it…makes me feel a tad better, dig?

Daddy’s service was beautiful…and beautifully short *smile*. We had a military-style funeral (they played Taps and folded the U.S. Flag), had reflections, and laid him to rest in the National Cemetery for Veterans. I was so pleased to honor him as our royalty, and as the man of God he forever will be. The whole cremation thing is psychologically challenging (boy, did I sugar coat that one!), but I honored his wish as he knew I would :(.

Well, this is officially day one of healing for me. Some kinda deja vu. My cell will stop ringing off the hook about “Friday”, all the questions about arrangements and Dad’s things will cease, and in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be done with handling insurance business, death certificates, burial markers, and such. Who knew it took all this? And then…

Hubby and I went to IHop for breakfast this morning. As I was scrolling through my contacts to find a friend’s number, why in da world did I scroll across “DADDY”??!! Ah man, I lost it right at the table. It’s these little quirks that confirm — healing from this kinda loss is not an overnight process. “You don’t have to do it all in one day, girl” a good friend reminded me. So, even though right now I hurt so bad till I can’t feel anything (sounds weird, but accurate), I’m really depending on God, who IS Love, to carry me through this…too!

Which brings me to the Words of Comfort at Dad’s funeral. Our dear friend’s words rocked me during the eulogy. “Having Bishop with us for the time that we did was just another INSTANCE of God’s Love for us….” An instance of God’s Love….Wow, you bet!

How many simple moments do we miss…looking for the grandiose expressions of Love from the Creator? How often do we overlook acts of kindness from a common Jane or Joe, looking for the attention of a “mover & shaker”. Hearing birds chirp, watching the clouds coast by, seeing a beautiful flower alone in a dense field of grass and weeds …thriving. All of these and many more are instances of Love that the Father “gifts” to us.

So, I open wider…I want to see clearer…I want to feel with my deepest feelings every instance of Love God graciously pours out for me. I want to drink it up, soak it up…bask and marinate in the most precious gift this side of eternity. And I will do so with thanksgiving and a grateful heart. Ashe.Selah

Don’t miss the moments, people…Love the moments back…take time to show someone…however unexpected (that’s even better)…an INSTANCE of Love from God.

I Love You All….with special shouts of thanks to my Ro and Disgodkidd — blog cheerleaders who have stuck in there with a sis for a long time. Ro, your voice is like soothing water…I may never delete your message lol…pls call again when u can. D, I’ve felt your thoughts and prayers, bro…thank you :).


One Response to “An Instance of Love”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    how deep and wide and long God’s love is! life without daddy…at first it’s all slow motion…auto-pilot…baby steps…but it DOES get better. because of the EVER PRESENT HELP! cheer up sister, he lives on in our hearts. grace be with you.

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