When You Just Don’t Get It…

January 16, 2008

…erase everything, and start over. ~Daughter

Hmmph….Out of the mouth of babes. She was talking Math. But I heard something else. Think about it. Are their places in your life that could use a great big ‘ole start over? Have you been spinning your wheels in matters of relationships, finances, dreams, and goals?

Well, according to my daughter, it might just be time for a clean slate. Forget everything you thought would work. Forget everything that’s working you. Every miscalculation. Every dead end. Forget every surefire way, every method you were taught. Close your eyes and release your grip on the rope. Free fall into letting…non-resistance — and you can’t use that stadium-size safety net you bought either :-).

Now. Open up your mind’s eye to a blank canvas. A crisp sheet of notebook paper. With a grateful heart, pause and reflect on the situation without ego, expectation, or the need to explain. Know and accept that some things in life weren’t meant to be understood all the time. Some things we’ll understand better “by and by”, as the old folk used to say. Some things come our way, not for us to figure it all out, but just to reveal our willingness and courage — to try!

As we trust God….His plans and His process….Everything comes out as it should in the end…in its perfect time.

Wow, mother and daughter time never disappoints me. You never know what beautiful Truths a child has growing in their heart’s garden. Talk with a child…better yet, let them talk, and see just how quickly the student can become the teacher.



6 Responses to “When You Just Don’t Get It…”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    lol….b4 i continue reading, loan me your daughter?

  2. disgodkidd Says:

    beautiful….am ready to start a clean slate in my quest for a relationship this year. i erase every memory of the fact that i have never had a girlfriend in my life. in 2008, i am all that and a bag of chips, and am set to sweep some damsel off her feet…

  3. ashe.selah Says:

    LOL! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout D! Be that…Live that..cos UR that. And she’s gonna be honored to say, “Look at this King you all passed up.”

    Cheers 🙂

  4. Hey Ashe,
    You have been Tagged by Deezee, so come to REal Recognizes Real and check me out, http://triplerdeezee.blogspot.com/

  5. Faraja Says:

    So why couldn’t I have read this post say late last year when I needed this reminder? Oh yeah, you hadn’t written it yet *sigh*


  6. […] Wow….how true that statement is, even if you have to add the clause ” — eventually.” People will generally see, relate, treat, respond to you how you view yourself.   Funny how these moments often turn into the teacher becoming the student. […]

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