January 9, 2008

Ha! So much can change in 72 hours. Ok, I wasn’t fast asleep, but the past two mornings for prayer and meditation have left me scrambling for toothpicks. Gotta prop open those eyelids somehow, right?

I ended my three-days-or-less juice fast on day two. Why? Well, I was hungry for starters lol. But seriously, the truth? Two days was all I could handle at the moment…make that a day and a half. I felt engorged with Daddy’s condition, and felt like there’s a time coming when I’ll need that detox more than right now. You see, he’s on Day 13 of not eating anything…just sips of water, taking dialysis. And as the daughter in charge of his process, I’ve got some serious decisions to make…more on this later.

I went by Daddy’s place the day I ended the juice fast. Wouldn’t ya know his TV was on programming about what?…Fasting.

Seems like fasting is a hot topic in the month of January for many people. I know several churches who have scheduled corporate fasts this month. As I watched the broadcast, the special guests talked about the benefits of fasting, the detoxification and healing, the fullness received in your Spirit vs. your flesh as you hunger and thirst for God. Mind you, I had already had “dinner” by now, and for a split second, I started to feel a tad disappointed…like I had bailed on a beautiful process too soon.

Thank God for split seconds!, and the realization that thoughts are just that…Thoughts. It’s like I tell my kids…The mind was made to think, and thoughts are seeds. YOU decide whether to plant them or not. To nurture (rehearse) them in the Garden of your brain or not. Plant good seeds, get good fruit. Plant bad seeds, get rotten fruit. Your choice. (This could be a post all in itself, man.)

So, I’m cool with the fact that purpose was perfect on those days, and welcome the opportunity to grow in my fasting life. There are some definite benefits I’d like to experience…for now, early to rise for time with God continues…


2 Responses to “Fast…Asleep”

  1. Lance Gargus Says:

    Maybe we can exchange links. Always good to see an inspirational blog.

  2. ashe.selah Says:

    Thank you for stopping by Lance! Let’s both keep sharing inspiration with those who bless us by reading 🙂

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