No Light Left Behind

January 7, 2008

The first full week (Sun -Sat) in the month of January is a very special time for me. For the past two years, I’ve taken this week to pause for reflection…prayer…house cleanin’ for the mind, body, and Spirit. That being said, today marks Day 1 of my three days or less juice fast…we’ll see how it goes :). I’m taking some time to detox my body, as I spend early mornings in prayer and meditation.

Early was supposed to be 5am. Turned out to be more like 6:45am. My body clock went on strike…gotta set the alarm tonight. So….I tiptoed downstairs to the place in the house I secretly call my Cocoon. Everyone else in the fam calls it the half-bath lol. But I know what went on in there…in the dark…behind a locked door. I heard His voice so clearly, and my life will never be the same. More on that day real soon…

With the excitement of a kid going to the birthday party of the year, I rounded up my candles, and shut out the world. I couldn’t wait to spend this time with God….couldn’t wait to feel just me and Him in space and time. As is my personal tradition, I put my candles in their respective places — one candle before my feet, and another candle behind me. I love how the soft radiance comforts. The shimmers of light do happy somersaults off every wall in that small space. So very cool.

Near the end of this morning’s beautiful fellowship, God spoke something rather enlightening to me. No pun intended. As I turned to look at the candle behind me, He said, “There is no light left behind.” Wow. His words rocked me. And every fiber of my being knew exactly what He meant.

There’s a reason why God’s words “light” our feet…our path. Because we are to press FORWARD on our journey. Purpose is always BEFORE us — never behind us. So, He will never leave a light on behind us. Rather the contrary. When we’ve done all, said all, learned all, seen all, been all…..and He delivers us from it all, He pulls the beaded string swinging from a single light bulb — a quick fade to black. This is not to say we will never “reach” back to help others where we ourselves have been, but He will never guide us back to where He purposefully brought us from. There is nothing else to go back to or for.

Moving forward is not always a walk in the park. Sometimes we bruise our little pinky toe…sometimes we fall flat on our face. It’s OK. It will always be better to fall INTO the Light, than out of it.

From now on, both candles will sit before me…in front of my feet.


7 Responses to “No Light Left Behind”

  1. disgodkidd Says:

    this is really inspiring…God always leads us forward. he keeps taking us from where we have been to where he intends for us to be – a place just like Himself….unending, unfading glory…a prayer for the grace to keep on walking…

  2. Justin V Says:


    Hey wow, great post today. Really encourging. I’m gald that you had a few moments with God this morning. Your explaination of what God gave this morning is powerful. I hope your next two days with him are as enlightening (again no pun intended) as today.

  3. asheselah Says:

    @D: Thx D..that’s the plan..u betcha ;)!

    @J: Thx 4 stopping by, Justin…and having a receptive ear. Pop in anytime…I’ll do the same, my fellow OC :)!

  4. […] all this beauty two years ago when God made the announcement. I was right there on the floor in my cocoon, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Couldn’t bee-lieve the bomb He […]

  5. afroye Says:

    beautiful, thanks for that.

  6. ashe.selah Says:

    My pleasure Afroye…glad u stopped by…blessings 🙂

  7. […] God breaks down every section of the stage…the nuts and bolts to every prop…and all the lighting fades to black. […]

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